How to have a skeleton horse in Minecraft

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Skeleton horse is a super rare and useful mob in Minecraft. The article will teach you how to have and tame a skeleton horse in Minecraft.

Skeleton horse in Minecraft

Skeleton horse in Minecraft is an immortal variant of the horse. They sometimes appear when hit by lightning. This mob is made of bones and is the fastest vehicle in the game.

How to have a skeleton horse in Minecraft

Skeleton trap horses can only spawn from “skeleton trap horse”, naturally generated by thunderstorms or by random (easy: 0.75–1.5%; normal: 1.5–4%; difficult:2, 25–6.75%) depending on the danger level of the region.

You cannot create a “skeleton trap horse” with a trident that summons thunder. Trapped horse will die after 15 minutes if not activated.

Lightning strikes horses in Minecraft

Only horses that are naturally struck by lightning will spawn bony horses. Therefore, it is almost impossible for you to actively catch this mob unless you use the command to create a storm. The most likely thing you can do is leave a horse or herd of horses in the middle of a storm and let lightning randomly strike them. Otherwise use weather cheat code (thunder) [] to create a thunderstorm until a horse is struck by lightning and spawns a skeleton horse.

How to tame a skeleton horse in Minecraft

When the player approaches the “skeleton trap horse”, it will transform into a skeleton knight wearing a helmet and with an enchanted bow. It also summons 3 other skeleton riders. These hostile mobs move fast and act exactly like skeletons. They retreat when the player approaches and whip them repeatedly when attacking. Skeleton horses leave useful enchanted items.

Equestrian Skeletons in Minecraft

Skeleton horses will not attack, only skeletons with bows will do. You can tame a skeleton horse by killing a skeleton riding a horse. Then the player can capture it. You also need to equip the saddle for the skeleton horse to control it.

The power of skeleton horses in Minecraft

Skeleton horses are better than normal horses in Minecraft, especially when you ride them through deep water. Thanks to it, as long as you have a snorkel, it will be much easier to navigate under the ocean. Skeleton horses in Minecraft can jump up to 5 blocks high. This is extremely useful when you want to climb hills and jump over fences.

How to tame a skeleton horse in Minecraft

You cannot equip anything but a saddle on the horse’s back. That means normal horses with armor will probably be a better choice when fighting.

Skeleton horses in Minecraft are immortal and cannot be bred. Therefore, Wither will not attack them, but only choose normal horses.

Above is how to have and tame a skeleton horse in Minecraft. Hope the article is useful to you.

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