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On the occasion of the official launch event, Tencent to launch a series of Code Dragon Raja completely free, with many gifts on Homepage and Social Networks, right now, quickly log into the game, enter the code – receive gifts attractive from the publisher.

After a long time of development, the role-playing game named Dragon Raja – also known as Fantasy dragon race of Tencent was officially launched to users on February 27, 2020. Dragon Raja is set in the world of Humans, Dragons and Half-Bloods in danger of being dominated by an ancient mighty existence that is about to awaken.

code dragon raja

Enter code Dragon Raja – Receive a launch gift

Using power and the most technologically advanced equipment and weapons, join Dragon Raja and embark on a journey to save the world. For now, download Dragon Raja to your device first.

– Download Dragon Raja for iPhone
– Download Dragon Raja for Android

Code Dragon Raja


How to get Code Dragon Raja

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To receive event information, events to receive Code Dragon Raja, you should regularly update the latest information from the publisher through a number of information channels such as:

– Access Dragon Raja Homepage via link Here
– Access the Fanpage channel via the link Here
– Access Dragon Raja Instagram page via link: Here
– Access Dragon Raja Youtube channel via link: Here

Instructions for entering Code Dragon Raja

Step 1: You log in into the game.
Step 2: Click Settings (Settings) in the game.
Step 3: Scroll down and find and press the . button CDKEY. Enter the code in the information box and press OK .
After completing the instructions, now open the character’s inventory and check what the gift you received is. Hopefully, the gift received from the publisher will help your journey to save the world start more smoothly.

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