Mobi Basketball: Dramatic finale, Team Olympus crowned champion of 3on3 Tournament

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3on3 Tournament, the first tournament that NPH VNG brings to the community Basketball Mobi was started and competed on September 15 last. Although it is the first tournament, its attraction is undisputed when the 3on3 tournament has attracted nearly 100 teams to register to compete, including 75 validly registered teams. After more than half a month of competing with a series of eye-catching matches, on October 6, the dream final between Team Chicken and Olympus took place.

Let’s take a look at the developments of the last exciting BO5 final round:

Choose for yourself the Center, SG and PG lineup with Jessica, Lin and Reid. Olympus becomes extremely dangerous and mobile when it can play well in the 2-point area and all 3-point areas. On the other side of Team Chicken’s front line is a change of position when Zack and position PF, they can play extremely well in the 2-point area but don’t have the ability to throw long. That was quite detrimental to the Chicken team when Olympus grasped the opponent’s weak points and continuously deployed attacks outside the trapezoidal area.


The match was exciting from the first moment when the Chicken team had a successful comeback situation in just the last 3 seconds of the match. Leading by 14 – 15 points, but in just one moment of JunAnna’s genius, Team Chicken excellently got themselves 2 points with an excellent Buzzer Beater situation.


However, that was all they could do when soon after the Olympus team woke up and played extremely well. Olympus in turn won 3 consecutive matches with the scores 14 – 10, 10 – 7 and 12 – 6 with the excellence of N0Tail after changing the lineup from SG to SF. His ability to harass is very good with slick technical dribbles.


The first 3on3 Tournament ended in suspense and drama, Dunkers don’t forget to invite friends, form a team and practice together. It is expected that in the near future there will be an extremely dense system with a large scale, fans Basketball Mobi will definitely not want to miss it!
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