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With a large number of users and full of potential, the market mobile games 2021 promises to also bring many surprises to the gaming community. Let’s take a look at what are the most anticipated mobile games players next year:

Pokemon UNITE


Pokemon UNITE is a new mobile game project that combines the evolution of Pokemon with Tencent’s MOBA gameplay. In the game, players will be divided into 2 teams, each team has 5 members and are dropped into an extremely large map. Players must find a way to capture Pokemo, train and level up low-level Pokemon, unlock new powers to defeat the remaining 5 players of the team.

Diablo Immortal


According to the teasers that have been published, Diablo Immortal will have a similar storyline to Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. In the game players can team up with carved members or fight alone against the forces of evil. Currently Blizzard has not announced an official release date for the first mobile game in this Diablo universe, but 2021 is a viable time to launch the game, at least in beta.

Apex Legends Mobile


In 2019, Respawn Studios gave players a big surprise called Apex Legends. Free, beautiful graphics, attractive gameplay combined with new elements make Apex Legends quickly become a phenomenon of the gaming village. Not long after, the developer revealed plans to bring this game to the mobile platform. In 2021, when the heavy game of the same genre as Fortnite Currently banned on iOS, Apex Legends will have an additional opportunity to attract a number of potential players.

Dauntless Mobile


Dauntless is an open world action game released in 2019 by Phoenix Labs. In the mobile version, players will still experience the same exciting gameplay and storyline as in the original. Players will play the role of an assassin whose task is to destroy other giant monsters, if you feel that wandering alone in this large world will bring many risks, you can also team up with other gamers.

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