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PUBG – This is the secret behind Shroud’s undead “nade” at PGI 2018

In the charity event of PGI 2018gamers witness the appearance of the most popular names in the village PUBG in particular and the Streamer community in general. Icons like Shroud, DrDisrespect nice Ninja Therefore, it has attracted a huge number of fans when the name is happy on the PGI 2018 stage. Of course, the most focus is still on Shroud – a former CSGO gamer with superior mind control skills. of PUBG.

Almost all eyes are on Shroud’s Team including DrDisrespect and 2 Team Ghost members. Accurate bullets, crazy mind-bending and above all, godly reflexes helped Shroud bring viewers eye-catching gun battles. Not only that, even the phases where Shroud was shot down became the focus of attention, especially like the moment Refund send this 94-born gamer on the road.


However, the situation where Shroud threw nade was the image that caught the attention of viewers and caused the most controversy in recent days. Accordingly, when Shroud was in a 1-on-2 situation with the enemy Team, he performed a melancholy swing of the gun that blew Vard’s head off and made the enemy fall on his knees. Vard’s teammate DerOlli immediately appeared beside him to save his friend. Understanding the situation, Shroud pulled the grenade bolt and threw it on the roof right where DerOlli was saving Vard. However, to the surprise of both Caster and the audience, the nade hit the edge of the brick, bounced right next to the target and exploded… but both DerOlli and Vard survived.

The situation from Caster’s perspective.

At this point, many gamers are starting to have a rage when thinking why PUBG still allows such a serious error to exist in a big tournament like PGI 2018? Why is the nade exploding right next to Vard and DerOlli and they’re both still alive. Fortunately, this is only a charity event, but if it was an official match of PGI 2018, the story would have been much worse. However, few people know… the truth behind this situation is a completely different story.

In fact, this is not a game error, but only due to the angle of rotation. At a direct position relative to the nade’s trajectory, viewers mistakenly thought that it landed right near the position of Vard and DerOlli. However, in fact when the nade hit the edge of the brick, it was bounced quite far from the original destination. This is the image of nade’s explosion point when Shroud throws:

The actual detonation point of the nade.

You can see it bouncing quite far and that’s why both Vard and DerOlli are alive even though DerOllie himself loses quite a bit of health after taking damage. Perhaps from here many people will stop blaming PUBG and look at the story from a more objective perspective.​

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