Chat commands in Warframe gamers should know

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Warframe is a role-playing game that attracts a lot of players because of its attractive graphics and lively context. Join and Warframe you will join other players to complete your tasks and to be able to communicate well in the game you need to know the chat commands in the game. In the next article below, will introduce you to the chat commands in Warframe.

NS chat command in Warframe useful in cases where players can easily exchange and invite other Tenno, … . Refer to the following article of to learn more.

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Summary of chat commands in Warframe

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In case if you forget the available commands, just enter /? in the chat to show the chat commands you can use.

1. How to switch chats

In Warframe, there are 4 different types of chat, including: global (chat with all players), clan (chat, chat with clan), squad (chat, chat with party), and council.

/g + your message: chat and send messages with all players.
/c + your message: chat and send your message in the clan (if you are a clan member).
/s + your message: chat and send messages in squad (if you are a member of squad).
/d + your message: chat and send your message in council (if you have access).

2. Command to link items to chat, chat in Warframe

The steps to link items to the chat, chat in Warframe are quite simple. Just add square brackets to the item name: [tên vật phẩm].

Suppose if you want to link Ember Prime Chassis just type [Ember Prime Chassis ] done.

Note: Not all items are linkable.

Can you chat in warframe?

3. Reply to last message

To reply to the last message you received while chatting in Warframe, simply use the command /r + your message.

4. Add or remove friends

To add any player to your friends list, just enter the command /friend add playername (/add friend + player name).

To delete a player, you enter the command /friend remove playername (/delete friend + player name).

5. Ignore players

You simply don’t want to care about certain players, just enter the command /i playername to ignore that player.

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6. How to invite players in Warframe

Assuming you want to invite a Tenno, just use the command: /invite playername (/invite + player name) to fade them into the current session.

7. How to set up a MOTD . clan

If you have the necessary permissions, you can set the MOTD (message of the day) for your clan using the command /motd + your message.

With in-game chat commands you can reply to all messages from your in-game and out-of-game players. This is very necessary when we play games far from each other but can’t talk. In addition, you should also learn more about List of keyboard shortcuts in the game Warframe To be able to use it more smoothly, the operation is as simple as possible.
The above article has just introduced you to the chat commands in Warframe. In addition, if you have any questions or questions that need to be answered, such as Warframe Game Code, you can leave your opinion in the comment section below the article.

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