FIFA 19 has a “survival” mode, automatically killing 1 player after scoring

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With the storm that the survival game series in general and Battle Royale in particular are making the game village crazy, many virtual world products also try to integrate this mechanism into the gameplay system. However, few people can imagine that even sports games have begun to encroach on this aspect with the prime example being FIFA 19.

Yes exactly, you did not hear wrong. FIFA 19 will now also have a Survival mode and play in a format never seen in the FIFA series before.


Specifically, FIFA 19 will allow gamers to set up a series of different rule systems in Kick Off mode. Named “House Rules”, these rule systems will bring unique situations in the deep. For example, “No Rules” will make the referee a true puppet on the field, ignoring all the mistakes from as light as pulling a shirt to as heavy as striking the opponent’s copper pipe.

With no referee mode, Neymar will definitely have to sell.

However, the focus of this system is “Survival” – a mode that makes the match a true mortal game. There, every time you succeed in conceding a goal, you lose a player, and so on until time runs out or either side has less than 7 men. With this new mode, gamers will have to calculate how their team does not make the opponent eat too much and still have to keep the score in favor at the end of the match.


And yet, FIFA 19 also has a series of “unique” rules … such as doubling the goal if the player concedes a goal from outside 16m50 or only counting the headers and Volley as a goal. In addition, gamers can also tweak the Kick Off mode in the Bo3 or Bo5 format in case you want to create a small tournament with your friends.

FIFA 19 is scheduled to release on September 28 here on PC/Console. All information about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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