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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Plot Explained – Are Ghost and Soap Still Alive?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare officially opened the field with a strong impression left in the hearts of fans, especially in the plot play. With the return of Captain Price, Call of Duty gamers are really looking forward to where the game’s journey will take this man who was born and died. Above all, they are also waiting for answers about the timeline of this version, will it happen before or after the Modern Warfare Series? Will these Ghost, Soap nice Gaz have come back?

Emergenceingame.Com will have the answer for you shortly…

Alex and the task force attack the chemical plant.

Modern Warfare 2019 opens with a CIA-directed task force attack on a chemical depot led by a rebellious Russian general named Roman Barkov. This factory stores a large amount of extremely dangerous toxic gas, becoming a focal point to supply the international terrorist organization Al-Qatala. However, after successfully attacking the factory and preparing to retreat, the task force for spy Alex was suddenly ambushed by an unidentified rebel group. The poison gas is stolen while Alex becomes the last survivor.

24 hours after the CIA mission failed, a truck carrying members of the terrorist organization Al-Qatala stopped right in the middle of Piccadilly Square in London. Stepping out of the car, a masked man raised his hand to the sky to the shock of the people around… activating the bomb and obliterating everything around.


London’s rapid response force at the time consisted of Sergeant Kyle Garrick of the SAS, who later served under Captain Price during the raid on the terrorist group’s hideout in London. He was also the first member of Modern Warfare to side with Captain Price in countless missions to track down Al-Qatala as well as Barkov throughout the time that followed.

The mission where Kyle and Captain Price attacked the terrorist hideout.

Until the final scene when Captain Price sat down to talk to CIA station chief Laswell about his proposal to create an international task force, he revealed that Kyle Garrick’s nickname was Gaz. For fans of 3 versions of Modern Warfare, Gaz is a name that is no longer strange. It is he who stands with Captain Price throughout the mission in Call of Duty 4 and is also the first member to fall before the gun of terrorist leader Zakhaev.

However, Kyle Garrick is not the only member that Modern Warfare fans feel familiar with. In the ensuing conversation, the “candidate” file Laswell gave Captain Price included John “Soap” Mactavish, who died in the hunt for Makarov… as well as Simon “Ghost” Riley, who “go away” with Roach in the traumatic scene of Modern Warfare 2.

Kyle Garrick – Our new Gaz.

We can’t help but mention General Shepherd, who was mentioned in the conversation between Laswell and Captain Price. In this version, Shepherd was the one to help Price gather the candidates for the task force… pointing out the timeline of the 2019 version that happened before the Modern Warfare trio when he still hadn’t revealed his true face. .

And of course, Captain Price’s last words were… Task Force 141.

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