Top 2 Asia TopSecret Thai confirms RoS mobile is worth playing

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Let’s get acquainted with the top 2 talented young men in Asia from Thailand – TopSecret.


Hello TopSecret, congratulations on overcoming more than 1000 other strong teams to become one of the 2 representatives of Asia to compete in the world finals onlan within the tournament. RoS The World Championship will be held in China next March.

It is known that TopSecret has experience in playing many FPS games, Battle Royale. So what impressed you most when experiencing RoS mobile?

We have played a lot of mobile games but the most impressive with RoS is the graphics. It can be said that it is beautiful and in a different way that no other game has. An engaging game experience to every second is well-suited to the tastes of Battle Royale gamers, well worth the time to play and practice every day.

Rules of Survival What’s the difference when compared to other FPS, Battle Royale games?

According to TopSecret, perhaps the biggest difference lies in the clear graphics and clearly illustrated style of the game.


In the Final Asia round of the RoS World Championship, which team do you think is the strongest and most formidable opponent?

We think that the top 15 teams that made it to the Final Asia round are all strong, but outstanding are the teams from Thailand and the Philippines. But we are very confident in our team’s ability to go deeper.

During the competition, did the TopSecret team have any problems or have something interesting to share with fans of the skydiving game genre?

Every match in the Asian qualifiers is very intense. Difficulties always arise unexpectedly because this is a game survival. Our team had to always focus on all 5 games in the RoS survival war. As you can see, TopSecret has finally made its name on the list of the world finals in China.

Which team do you predict will be the World Champion of the RoS World Championship in March?

We think that when playing and competing in RoS, the result is not all about player skill but also a little bit of luck. Surely the teams that reach the world finals all have good skills, uniformity, clear tactics, so if any team has a cool head and a little luck, that team will have more chances to win the championship. .

Has Team Topsecret ever participated in any international tournaments before? What are the opportunities for teams when participating in professional-scale tournaments?

We have attended. When teams register to compete in large-scale tournaments, it will help them learn from experience and in addition to skills, the mentality of the competition will also affect the results. With the international tournament RoS World Championship, it will help international friends know the name of their team when they play well and shine.

How do you feel about participating in the RoS World Championship finals?

A thrill, excitement to be participating in the world finals. When competing in the Asian finals, TopSecret was so nervous that she lost focus. But luckily, in the end everything went according to initial expectations.

Can you share some of the TopSecret team’s gaming skills for newbies who are new to the RoS mobile survival battle?

Individual game skills depend on each person’s ability due to training or God-given. But with squad, the most important thing is teamwork, listening to each other. Even though they are small children, if they have good ideas, the team members still listen and adjust their tactics to suit each situation.

What message would you like to send to RoS fans and TopSecret team?

Thank you to everyone who has always supported and cheered for the team. We promise to do our best to bring glory to Southeast Asia in the next thrilling battle of The Final – RoS World Championship.

Thank you TopSecret and wish you all success in the upcoming RoS World Champion in March in China.

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