Tracing the object of stealing nearly a dozen RAM bars with tens of millions of dong at a Hanoi net shop

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Theft of componentsthe story happens as usual and is a problem that makes the net shop must have a headache. Although we have been very careful, but just a little loophole, at any time crooks can take advantage of it. Among them, there are many cases where fake guests come to play and then conveniently “steal” components to bring back, but as we know, their value is not small.

As recently, on a group for internet business people, a shop owner in Hanoi, specifically Hoai Duc district, had to post with the help of colleagues to track down the whereabouts of a man. The young man stole nearly a dozen sticks of RAM and some chips from the shop.


Specifically, the object (circled in the shared image) broke the lock to take away 8 8G RAM sticks and 4 i3 7,100 chips, worth at least more than 30 million VND. The incident happened at around 7:00 p.m. yesterday, June 1, 2018. The owner shares thanks to the help of the owners net room If you see this young man coming to play or ask to sell the above amount of ram chips, keep them. The owner also asked for a 10 million dong donation to anyone who caught this object alive.​

Steal object portrait

Until today, the current information related to the subject has not had many possible signs when only knowing the commune address, the specific home address of this young man has not been found yet.

Clip of the object hiding the stolen chip in the kitchen area of ​​the net shop

This is also a lesson for the subjectivity of the net shop owner. The more you are a stranger, the more attention you need to pay attention to. Once the bad actors have noticed and taken the initiative, they can do anything. Components are becoming more and more expensive, so it is difficult to avoid many bad guys who are greedy and take risks. In order to avoid such unintended incidents, net business households need to tighten security more, not only to protect customers’ assets, but also to protect assets for themselves. .

Sharing is also a warning for internet shops in the area to be wary of the above object. And hopefully with the help of colleagues, the owner of this unlucky restaurant will soon find the culprit to make up for the lost property. If there is still no further information, it is best to provide evidence to the police for further investigation!​

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