Buy Nintendo Switch installment and buy PS4 installment at nShop with mPOS

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You are in need buy Nintendo Switch installments and buy a PS4 device installment payment at nShop via credit card bank? The following article will guide everything about the methods, costs as well as other things arising in the process of using this service at the game store to help you feel more secure when shopping at the store. – Especially when paying through installment payments!

Buy Nintendo Switch installment and buy PS4 installment at nShop

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Buy Nintendo Switch on installments (including Switch Lite) and buy a PS4 by installments at nShop with mPOS

The credit card installment service that nShop is using is linked with mPOS Like many other shopping stores, but if you still do not have specific information because you have never bought through this form, it is easier to understand when looking at the Q&A below.

What is the purchase of Nintendo Switch on installment (purchase of Switch Lite) and installment purchase of PS4 via mPOS credit card and what are the conditions?

When buying on installment payments via mPOS, you need a credit card from your bank (Visa / Master Card) that mPOS supports (See list of supporting banks and fees below). The minimum transaction is 3,000,000 VND and the card has the minimum limit to pay for that transaction.

Bank list supporting installment Nintendo Switch - PS4

Once the payment is complete, you can re-contribute to the bank each month by repaying the credit on the card, but it will no longer be related to the store.

So is this installment subject to interest rate or 0% interest rate?

The vast majority of stores when recommending to buy Nintendo Switch installment and installment payment PS4 at all advertise 0% interest rate. However, nothing is free, in fact users still have to pay “Fee for service” With a fee of 2% – 8.9% depending on the time of contribution and utility service fee of mPOS card and service is from 0.5% – 2.75% depending on card type (ATM, VISA, Master Card) and customize your bank.

Calculated, this cost is equivalent to the bank interest rate. As such, this is just another way of saying bank interest rates. But if you accept the installment, you need to accept this extra cost. Below is the fee schedule provided by mPOS:

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Buying a Nintendo Switch installment and buying a PS4 installment at nShop with mPOS is easier than ever …

When buying installment payment at nShop, are promotions and warranties guaranteed as normal buyers?

Have. When you buy installment payment at nShop, it’s all promotion current at the time you buy the game console is still guaranteed the same 1: 1 with other customers. The warranty is still only 1 at nShop: The best warranty for customers so you don’t have to worry about buying a Nintendo Switch on installment payments and buying a PS4 on installment at nShop will be discriminated against differently.

Why do I buy at another store, they support 2% of the utility fee and the mPOS card is always charged by nShop?

Buy Nintendo Switch installment and buy PS4 installment at nShop with mPOS due to ensuring fairness and transparency with customers who pay cash and charge cards normally, the store will not “Accumulate money first” and then support later. Therefore, this utility fee is only for those who need to pay in installments, but nShop does not include it for non-users.

buy now PS4 installment payment

In addition, as mentioned above, when you install promotions and offers and warranties are not cut, then the price cannot be lower than the initial cost and capital sold by nShop. . I hope you understand.

So I don’t have a bank credit card that can’t cash installment with nShop?

Yes, nShop does not accept cash installments at the store.

I am not in HCM so can I buy Nintendo Switch Lite or PS4 by installment payment?

OK! With mPOS support via a remote payment system, installment payments now don’t require you to go to the store. nShop supports consulting from A – Z and helps you to pay online and then close the goods sent to you.

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Promotion when buying Nintendo Switch installment and buying PS4 installment at nShop with mPOS

When you buy Nintendo Switch installment, buy Switch Lite on installment and buy PS4 by installment at nShop with mPOS, discount 1.5% off any bill. This is a support section of the store to make it easier than ever for you to access the console. This means a lot that nShop always tries to bring the best experience to customers whether it’s swiping or installment.

The program applies from July 14, 2019 to December 31, 2020 to stimulate installment purchase of Nintendo Switch and installment purchase of PS4 in the first launch of nShop.

So can nShop help me with the price of a Nintendo Switch with Legend of Zelda game on installment purchase?

Below is a table of temporary examples calculated from July to 2019:

  • Nintendo Switch – 7,350,000 VND
  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 1,330,000 VND (Discount 50,000 VND compared to original price when buying with current promotions)

Total: 8,680,000 VND – Discount 1.5% when installment mPOS to 8,549,800 VND

Shield now Nintendo Switch

For example, if you pay by installment payment via VISA credit card of BIDV in 12 months installment, the total amount will “flick card” will = 9,284,000 VND (The difference is about 600,000 VND higher than the price 8,680,000 VND if you buy normally). Each month you will pay 773,666 VND.

So, at first, it sounds like 5.9%, then 2%, totaling 8%, seems to be much, but since we subtract the store’s 1.5% support from the original price and divide it into 12 months, calculate the difference. Your purchase compared with a normal purchase of only 600,000 VND for 12 months, equivalent to 50,000 VND per month for deferred payment during a period of 1 year. Not too much with the value of buying a Nintendo Switch on installments and buying a PS4 on installment.

That is not to mention how much money you may owe, then pay by installments, the rest pay in cash in advance. Only charge% fee based on the amount owing. Save a lot of money.

Anyone can buy a Nintendo Switch on installments and buy a PS4 by installments at nShop with mPOS

Hopefully this article will help you in learning how to buy a Nintendo Switch on installments and buy a PS4 installment at nShop. Now, with just a credit card you can instantly shield a Switch or PS4 home. Don’t hesitate to miss the promotion when you buy Nintendo Switch installment and buy PS4 installment at nShop with mPOS this year only support from nShop offline!

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