Brother-in-law “dropped” his game friends, his sister-in-law replaced her on facebook to face the enemy

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Even though I know that compared to dozens of other social evils, the “crushing” of the game is still much more positive in the end. But in fact, there have been many funny situations before from the side of the “worms” of the game, because they were so absorbed in “fighting” that it affected their outside life. In particular, most of those unfortunate situations come from gamers who are married, or have lovers, when their time is not only used to satisfy their passions, but also have to spend time for their children’s happiness. his small.

Of course, the game and the other half of the gamers are not always at opposite extremes. There are even girls who are very psychological when encouraging and creating the best conditions for their lovers and husbands to play games as comfortably as possible. But playing the game is one thing, entering the game to “drop hearing”, “swinging” is a completely different story. Regardless of the reason, anywhere, virtual world or real life, finding out that her husband/lover is intimate and affectionate with other people is something that no girl can accept and accept. quiet.​

Recently, the same thing happened in the player community AuditionHowever, the person who directly stood out to beat the jealousy was not his wife but his sister-in-law. According to what this girl shared, her brother-in-law, a male Audition gamer, despite having a family, wife and children, but still actively “listening” in the game, making family life outside turn upside down. The guy’s wife, also because of this, became increasingly emaciated.


“If you have a wife and children, then you still have to listen to all kinds of things, what kind of music is that? Or pho is better than rice. I’m just over 1 year old, married for more than 1 year, why get bored so quickly? Poor my sister all day long because of you.”

After unmasking her brother-in-law, her sister-in-law did not forget to give a warning. “Girls who don’t know, stay away from your brother-in-law.”

However, the story immediately after being shared was met with fierce controversy from other members of the Audition player community. Because there are many acquaintances of the male protagonist in the story who tried to stand up for him, thinking that the above story was fabricated. They even messaged the owner directly to ask for the source. But the male gamer mentioned in the post “seal” proved innocent, did not know or have anything to do with the incident. This became even more an excuse for his acquaintances to try to defend.


However, before the photos were released as evidence, bystanders with an objective view can easily see that the people in all the pictures are the same. And our male gamer exactly has a wife and children in real life. There are even people who guarantee that all the above posts are true.


Through this incident, once again warning gamers, maybe online games are the place to help us get more relationships, friends, even love. But don’t trade it for your family, wife and children, your real life outside. There is no excuse for the behavior of “boring rice and craving pho”, no matter what the circumstances!​

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