Bleeding eyes with Anthem’s graphics through a 20-minute Gameplay

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When Anthem officially launched the first trailer 2 years ago… gamers were stunned because of the game’s terrible graphics platform. shooting game this role-playing hybrid. Not only that, with the player controlling the advanced Javelin armor and wandering around like a true Iron Man, Anthem is really becoming one of the most anticipated games today.


After the recent E3 2018 event, the heat around Anthem was even greater when this game continued to offer the extremely hot Gameplay scene. However, everything is just the beginning because soon after Bioware officially released the Gameplay Full 20 minutes of the game, letting viewers see firsthand the crazy graphics and great gameplay of this super product.

In this gameplay scene, the player gets to see how a complete mission is played out in the game. There, the player and his 3 teammates will play the role of Freelancers with the task of controlling the Javelin armor strains and confronting the threats to human existence. Each Javelin will have a certain strength and combat style, for example, some are completely heavy with great firepower and thick armor .. while others are more in favor of agility and super skills to counter. the majority of enemies.


Of course, all Javelins can fly, jump, even dive underwater completely freely… making the game screen more transformative than ever. The feeling of launching yourself into the air and then plummeting to the ground like a true bomb will force you to be high when gamers can experience it.


Anthem is expected to release early next year on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. All information about the game will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.​

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