Turn on Hack Speed, run like Flash and still get skulls shot by PUBG gamers

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Hot games have hacks – that’s the immutable rule of the game village. Simply because it attracts more and more gamers, the part of the cows who just like to sit cool and eat a golden bowl but still want to win also becomes more. There are many ways to solve this problem.. one is that the developers implement methods of scanning and detecting hackers.. and the other is that the real gamers will raise their hands to humiliate these dirty players. .


And that’s exactly what happened in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds In recent days, there have been a series of children using Hack Speed ​​to gain an advantage over other players. However, even if he has a similar level of Flash (don’t know if he will roll to the floor and “hue” after using it), he is still a bull and when he “falls off his horse” it is more than a billion times more humiliating. .


Accordingly, a series of gamers recently performed clips when they, with the speed of an ordinary person and played the game as well as a normal person, demonstrated excellent reflexes when shooting the skulls of enemies. The hacker’s hand moved like a machine in front of his eyes. Regardless of whether they rush like an arrow, many gamers can still raise their guns and neatly knock them down without spending more than a magazine. Some people can even wave their hands to shoot the hacker in the head and win in the end.


It is true that watching our gamers perform their precise shootings and great reflexes to fight hackers down the septic tank is truly the most eye-catching image of the game. PUBG. You can watch some clips here:​

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