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Not only connecting helps you move between floors, but stairs are also a special highlight of the house. With each suitable beautiful staircase model, it contributes to adding value and charm to your home if it is cleverly designed and built.

Stairs will help you move up and down between floors with different heights. Beautiful stairs must ensure fast, easy, and safe travel time. So, how to choose the most beautiful staircase model, the most suitable for your home? Here are a few basic requirements for stairs that any home should follow:

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I. Beautiful staircase model

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simple wooden stairs template

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sample tube house stairs

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beautiful stone combination wooden stairs

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glass stairs model

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model iron stairs with wood

stainless steel ladder

stainless steel stairs with wooden handrails

stainless steel ladder

stainless steel stairs with wooden handrails

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stainless steel stairs model

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beautiful glass stairs model

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baffle staircase model

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beautiful wooden stairs model 2020

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beautiful staircase model

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beautiful handrailless wroughtstone stairs

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2 landing stairs model

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2 span staircase model

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wood grain color stairs

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British brown stone stairs

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2-post staircase model

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wooden stairs pattern with wood grain color

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Beautifully designed wooden stairs

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bronze outdoor stairs model

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two-story tube house staircase model

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beautiful aluminum stairs model

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luxury wooden stairs model living room

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British brown stone stairs

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Unique model of stairs without handrails

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wooden stairs with glass walls

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bronze staircase model, beautiful villa

II. Basic condition

1. Stair location

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sample tube house stairs

– Stairs must be built in a reasonable position, to easily move to all rooms in the house
– The place to build the stairs must have a spacious space, convenient to travel without being encumbered by other furniture.
– Stairs must have enough light to ensure safety when traveling at night and it would be better if there is direct ventilation from the outside of the house.

2. Stair width

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model wooden stairs in tube house

– Stairs should be wide enough for anyone to move without difficulty
– The width of the stairs depends on the construction location and flexibly changes based on the style of the house
– In ordinary houses, stairs are usually about 1m wide. However, in public places, stairs must be 1.5-2m wide.

3. Stair length

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bronze staircase model, beautiful villa

To ensure aesthetics and easy movement, the number of stairs on each floor should not be less than 3 and more than 12. If the number of spans must be greater than 12, it is necessary to design more landings.

4. Stair slope

stainless steel ladder

glass wall stone stairs

No matter what type of stairs you choose, the slope should not exceed 37 degrees; otherwise, the moves will be difficult and even dangerous.

5. Distance to the ceiling

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wooden stairs model

2m is the minimum distance required between the stairs and the ceiling so that tall people can also move easily.

6. Balustrades or handrails for stairs

Beautiful and professional stairs must have railings or handrails to ensure safety during movement, especially stairs in open spaces. The railing should also be of the right size and shape for easy grip.

7. Step size

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stainless steel spiral staircase

The size of the ladder depends on the needs of the user. The distance between the steps must also be even to ensure smooth walking.

8. The winding stairs

If space allows, avoid using winding stairs, as it is not only dangerous but also increases construction costs.

9. Building materials

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beautiful tube house stairs

So whether the construction must ensure the durability and solidity of the stairs, fireproof, soundproof, but still have to ensure the aesthetics as well as the harmony with other furniture in the house. Today, homeowners can choose from many different materials for building stairs such as wood, glass, concrete, metal, …..

Above are some basic requirements when designing and building stairs from wooden stairs to iron, concrete and glass stairs. In addition to the above conditions, homeowners should also consider financial conditions when making decisions. And, let’s refer to some of the most beautiful stairs models today below to make the most informed choice!

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