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Download now Corridors – Horror masterpiece brings PT back to the gaming world

PT can be considered as the name with the most crazy obsession in the virtual world, a “ghost” that has drilled fear into the hearts of so many people. Yet PT is simply a Demo version, nothing more than a hands-on test Hideo Kojima for the nerves of the brave. But luck was not on PT’s side when Hideo Kojima was censured Konami mistreated, decided to erase all the work that this genius created. Because of that, it wasn’t long before PT was removed from the PSN repository and disappeared forever before the eyes of the community.


However, what is super? horror game This is left in the hearts of fans forever, serving as a motivation for many developers to try to recreate the image of PT. There people try to convey the soul of PT into their own products… while others like SmoggyChips want to resurrect a complete version of PT.


Using the tool of Unreal Engine 4SmoggyChips is working hard to rebuild PT’s infamous room through a game project called “Corridors“. Corridors’ goal is to accurately recreate every detail that the game’s spooky room has drilled into the player’s brain. From a clock that changes time every time you walk through it to spooky inscriptions on the wall, from the radio announcing a murder to the half-open bathroom door… everything about PT will be brought back to the game world by Corridors.


The interesting thing is that Corridors is released completely for free, ready for gamers to download to their PC right now. Although not 100% complete, the game will be continuously revised and updated by the developer.. bringing it closer to the stature of PT today.

Readers can download it for free Corridors – PT version on PCfor free directly here:

GameHub download - Emergenceingame

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