10 most used gems in League of Legends

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Complementary jade is an indispensable item in LOL and people League game play also never miss this great feature. However, which gem should be used? How to equip for the best effect is a problem for many people.

With 4 types of jade (Blue – Red – Yellow – Purple), gamers League of Legends There are many different combinations and options to power up your champion. It may depend on the character they choose (whether to use magic or physical attack, or block) it can also depend on the type of combat they want (attack, defense or support). But there are also many cases where it is simply a combination of habits and preferences.

Ngoc complementary in the game LOL

However, it is also necessary to remind players a small but quite important tip when you want to buy or use add-on gems in the process of playing League of Legends, that is:

We should not buy and use level 2 gems (or when the character has not reached level 20). Because level 2 gems are usually quite few features and not much support, while if up level 20We will be able to use level 3 gems with a lot of important and necessary add-ons. So the effective use of gems or not also depends a lot on how much gem level you equip the character.

One more thing, because before entering the game, we have selected the level, so even if you are new to playing, you do not need to worry too much because you will not have to confront other gamers with higher levels and skills. right away. Planning to buy and use booster gems wisely will save us money while ensuring the best results.

Best complementary jade game League of Legends

We also know, each gem is divided by level (level 1 – 2 – 3). Despite so many, there are some gems that the player uses a lot, even mainly, first when it comes to upgrading their strength. So what are the gems? How does it work?

1. Gemstone plus straight (Golden Gem)

Perhaps needless to say much, because the name of the jade shows its effect. This armor costs 205 / piece and no matter what your hero is playing, your style of play, this is always the top priority choice. Many people often hesitate between the pearls plus straight and blood pearls plus straight, in fact these two gems have the same effect (less blood, strong armor – more health, less armor), however, blood pearls are expensive. so many players still choose armor plus straight.

2. Physical damage (Purple, Red)

Combine pearls

Is a gem that increases damage to the enemy and is mainly used for marksmen (physical attack generals). If used in combination with this gem with Attack Speed ​​gem, the effect is doubled. But if you don’t need or are not familiar with it, you should not combine it, because attack acceleration gems work best with junglers.

3. Speed ​​Gem (Purple Gem, Red)

Attack speed is always the first choice of junglers, even many players have priority, want to use this gem to the point of being ready to remove armor or magic resist, heal … to use this gem while playing game.

4. Magic Resist (Red Jade)

Being a pretty special gem, magic resist gem has almost no effect on Physics champions. Not to mention the quite expensive price (410 / gem) this gem is also quite picky for players. That said, but for gamers who use a champion that can deal long-range damage with magic, this is their perfect and favorite choice.

5. Magic Power (Purple / Green Gem)

As mentioned, depending on habits and preferences, players will choose different champions and play styles. Magical Heroes are quite difficult to play, but on the contrary, the power that these champions possess cannot be underestimated. For players specializing in the gameplay of magic, they usually use the Purple Magical Power gems and the Blue magic resist gems.

6. Movement Acceleration (Purple Gem)

Buy jade

If you pay attention, the generals in the game LOL have a fairly slow movement speed, not to mention that if you are hit with some slow attacks from the enemy, it is extremely annoying, now you will hold a death sentence if you are in the teamfight. Especially with tank champions, want to attack the opponent, they have to move closer, which means the ability to take damage and avoid the attack will be more.

Even if it’s an ADC, if the enemy expands the combat, it’s hard to avoid it without movement acceleration. In addition, this gem also works a lot in chasing enemies or supporting teammates at a distance.

7. Blood plus straight (Golden Gem)

Has the same effect as Straight Armor, but is much more expensive. Straight buffs are often used on a regular basis on champions with poor HP.

8. Magic resist plus straight, magic resist based on level (Blue Gem)

A perfect team will include a full range of champions (ADC, tank, magic, support). Magic champions (using magic) often have very annoying attacks. Even if they are just basic attacks, they have the ability to slow you down, bleed or lose blood slowly over a period of time. This is the time to resist magic to bring into play your forte.

Straight additive magic resist gives you a fixed ratio, while magic resist by level will have an effect on the level your champion is achieving in the game (the higher the ratio, the higher the magic resistance rate).

9. Reduced respawn time (Purple Gem)

Types of jade

Normally, no one uses this gem, but in fact, if you are ganking to get MVP or the main tower is going to be destroyed in the most … ridiculous way. In particular, if you are in ARAM or Stealing chess mode, it only takes a few seconds to change the result of the whole match. In short, this is a gem that is rated as specialized and is only suitable for certain game modes.

10. Reduced cooldown straight plus (Blue Gem)

This gem will help you reduce the waiting time between each skill use, especially if you are familiar with gladiator, you cannot ignore this cooldown reduction gem. If there is a person in the team who specializes in gladiators, combined with cooldown reduction gems and physical attack, surely the turret destruction will not be a problem whether there are monsters participating or not?

It is a list of 10 popular gems, most used in the game League of Legends. However, this is just a reference, because each player, after getting used to it, will choose to use their own gems according to their habits and preferences, not necessarily the gems in this paragraph.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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