1.5 million players at the same time, Among Us suddenly became famous after 2 years of launch

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With Fall Guys, Among Us is one of the hottest names in recent times. Over the weekend, Among Us hit 1.5 million concurrent players across platforms. On Steam alone, the game peaked at 166,685 concurrent players on Sunday, September 6 – a number comparable to Steam’s top titles.


In Among Us, gamers are divided into teams of 4-10 people to repair a space station by completing missions. While all are towards the common goal, there will be a few destructive elements planted to destroy the rest. Players will have to both do the task and stay alert to find the villain. In fact, Among Us was launched by InnerSloth in 2018, but it is not until now that the game has attracted the attention of many gamers. 1.5 million concurrent players across platforms is the dream number of any game.


The unexpected success even made the development team unable to react. They have to work overtime to meet the sudden increase in players. However, the sole developer and co-founder of InnerSloth – Forest Willard assures fans that the studio is working very hard to improve the matchmaking feature, which could take around a week to bring. smoothest experience.

Thanks to the success of Among Us, the studio has continued to develop the sequel Among Us 2. Although there are many problems to deal with because originally Among Us was originally designed for a small number of players, It’s amazing how a small game released 2 years ago suddenly exploded like that. The game is available for PC and Mobile now.​

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