Astralis swept Liquid in just 3 maps to win IEM Chicago

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Astralis once again a CS:GO champion – and this time IEM Chicago.

As the strongest team in the world, Astralis got himself the 6th international title of the year at IEM Chicago, losing only 3 maps in the whole journey. To claim victory, the team defeated Team Liquid in a quick BO5 – the finals lasted only three maps. During the vetting process, Astralis chose Nuke and Dust2, while Liquid took Mirage, Inferno with Overpass as the final deciding map.

Mirage: Astralis win 16-14

After losing the first pistol round to Magisk’s quadruple, Liquid dominated the game by winning the first CT rounds. However, Astralis still scored a few rounds on the scoreboard to get 9-6. It seemed like Liquid would win the first map when the NAF clutch 1v2 was successful, but Astralis again won a tight victory with a breathtaking comeback from 10-14 to 16-14.

Nuke: Astralis won 16-7

Astralis Nuke opened up the map with strong attacks until Liquid found support in the second half with the help of nitr0 and his AWP, the score was 9-6 in favor of Astralis. In the second half, Denmark once again won the pistol round, sparking a smooth start to the weak attack of North America – Liquid only won 1 round.

Inferno: Astralis won 16-4

Winning the first pistol round helped Liquid pocket a few more rounds, but Astralis completely crushed the opponent with his sharp defensive shield, leading 11-4. The Danes won their second pistol round, thanks to dev1ce’s excellent shooting, completely snuffing out a weak Liquid. All the stars come from Astralis all shined and none of the members underperformed in the finals.

With their 6th title of 2018 and 4th consecutive final win over Liquid, IEM Chicago cements their position as the world’s strongest team. Astralis. After winning the FACEIT London Major in September, the world confirmed 2018 as the ‘Epoch’ Astralis.” Now, the boys completely own the professional arena.

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Here are the rankings of the teams at IEM Chicago 2018:

first. Denmark Astralis – $100,000
2. North America Liquid – $42,000
3-4. – Europe FaZe – $20,000
3-4. – Sweden fnatic – $20,000
5-6. – Europe mousesports – $10,000
5-6. – France LDLC – $10,000
7-8. – United States NRG – $8,000
7-8. – Brazil Luminosity – $8,000
9-12. – United States eUnited – $5,000
9-12. – Germany BIG – $5,000
9-12. – Denmark North – $5,000
9-12. – Brazil MIBR – $5,000
13-16. – Ukraine Natus Vincere – $4,000
13-16. – Korea MVP PK – $4,000
13-16. – Australia Renegades – $4,000
13-16. – Kazakhstan AVANGAR – $4,000

Astralis completely understood and took the CS:GO meta to the next level. Nothing seems to be able to stop them: is this the strongest lineup in Counter-Strike history? Who can stand in the way? Astralis in every major tournament?

Problem Astralis need answers from teams like Liquid, FaZe Clan, Fnatic, Natus Vincere or a new force.

According to Dotesports

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