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Archery race: Watching the Mixi dry AK extremely “hard”, even the military teacher has to praise

After the performance of holding an AK shooting “no miss, this time Team Mixi with companions will be divided into teams to competition together.

Follow trainer Although it was the first time that Mixi was exposed to guns, he had relatively good shooting ability and bravery.

In test firstly, player will shoot 3 targets at a distance of 100 meters with 3 positions lying, kneeling, standing. But to show smooth coordination, the coach will be the one to correct the line of sight while shooter will have to wear a gas mask that greatly obstructs the view. Team Mixi said that wearing a gas mask was very difficult to breathe and could not see anything ahead.


The two coaches themselves commented that this was a very difficult test because the shooter could not see the target ahead. The result is Team Mixi scored 9 points and his opponent got 8 points when adding all 3 goals.


“It is very uncomfortable to put on a mask. I actually don’t see anything. And all my heart is just a guide for you.”

The second test is the radiation test. Each person will perform a 100-meter target shot with 90 bullets in 2 minutes, whoever hits the most bullets will win. The difference here is that the player does not shoot one by one, but fires in rapid succession, which you often call “drying”. The difficult point of this test is how to control the trigger and get the shot after each drying.


Patriarch Do Phung there was a show drying AK quite harsh, is considered to have a very good trigger. However, the number of bullets hitting the target is quite small, only hitting 21 bullets out of 90, the probability of hitting is 23.33%. But he still won because his opponent had a higher probability but only shot 39 bullets within 2 minutes. With the first time being dried with a real gun, such an achievement of Do Mixi is already an impressive thing.


Because the scores are quite close, the two teams will have to go through one more test. The two teams will shoot together. The first team will shoot at the red ball to let the blue ball fall, when the blue ball falls, the second team (the competition team) can shoot the green ball. Two teams can choose a coach or a player to take on the challenge. If the coach hits it, it will get 1 point, and the player who hits it will get 3 points.


Total of 2 shots, Team Mixi hit 5 shots and got 10 points, while his opponent only hit 1 shot and got 3 points. Although the wind is quite strong, the target image moves a lot, but he streamer still very excellent, surpassing the opponent at a great distance.

Final Team Mixi won overall. Both players receive a souvenir trophy of the show.


After this show fan got a whole new look at his idol, not only shoots top games but shooting a real gun in real life is equally fierce.

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