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Archery race: Mixi team holds AK and shoots “without missing a shot”

After a week of waiting, finally part 2 of Race gunner also aired, fan had the opportunity to witness the talent shoots “superior” of Patriarch Du Feng.

Before practice, Team Mixi and companions were given specific instructions on how to insert ammunition into the magazine and how to aim.


In the first challenge, shooting 10 water bottles, the brother showed a very “cool” performance when he shot 10 bullets and hit all 10, making the two instructors “stunned”. In the end, the work gaming Shooting a lot of guns also worked. Only thing is that after shooting, the brother was temporarily “deaf” in one ear.


“When I saw my friend Duc take the exam first, I was very scared, I don’t know if I can shoot again after the first bullet. Luckily my first bullet hit the middle but it hit the one next to it.”it seems that the older brother is a bit humble.

The next challenge is to shoot paper, the player will use 2 guns AK-47 and AK MS to shoot a very thick pad of paper for the purpose of comparing the penetration power of two guns. It can be seen that the penetration power of the AK-47 is better because the barrel is longer, so the time of the gas effect is longer, leading to a higher bullet speed and greater penetration.


Lesson three, the Archer was fired at the ball shaft made from 9KC steel to see how far each shot would repel the wagon and how deep it would penetrate the shaft. As a result, Ak-47 still holds the top position compared to 3 guns equipped with the same ammunition.


In the final experience, Do Mixi and his companions will still use two Ak-47 and AK MS guns to shoot through 10 lined up pans to compare the bullets of the two guns. The AK-47 has a very straight angle of contact, the projectile is straight compared to the shooter, and the AK MS has a slightly diagonal upward trajectory. The brother had to exclaim “terrible” because he did not think that bullets could penetrate 10 such pans. While in games then just one is enough, can block all incoming bullets.


In the next episode, which will be the most anticipated part, two players will split teams to compete against each other. Team Mixi shared that he was very confident because he was used to gunfire, used to the smell of gunpowder, used to the feeling of holding the trigger. Meanwhile, his opponent was quite worried after watching his “no-miss” shooting performance. streamer this.

Fans continue to have to wait another week to see the performance that is expected to be “classic” by the patriarch Do Phung.

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