Summary of the latest VTC Mobile Dragon Sword Code 2023

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The latest VTC Mobile VTC Mobile Dragon Sword Code list 2023 will provide you with a lot of valuable resources including Diamonds, Dragon God equipment set, Legendary packs and many more to race TOP fighting force, fight on inter-server performance rankings.

Sword Dragon VTC Mobile, role-playing role-playing game plowing hoes, combining idle game elements. The game promises to attract many players, immersed in the vast battlefields. Gamers can use the giftcodes provided by NPH, making it easy for players to plow and level up.

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Summary of the latest VTC Mobile Dragon Sword Code

1. Full Code Dragon Sword VTC Mobile Latest

CODE 1: KR666
CODE 2: KR888
CODE 3: KR999

2. How to Enter Code to Sword Dragon VTC Mobile Fastest

Step 1: Access website Enter the latest Code of Dragon Sword VTC Mobile HERE
Step 2: Log in Game Account Earn your Dragon VTC Mobile.
Step 3: Next you choose Server =>Figure and enter Code for Dragon Sword VTC Mobile.
Step 4: Click Confirmchange Code Sword Dragon VTC Mobile and log in to the game to receive gifts.

enter the code to sign up for vtc mobile every day 2023

3. How to Get More New VTC Mobile Dragon Sword Code

During this time, gamers can look forward to the game’s launch date, receive hard fans to participate in exclusive events and quickly buy themselves the giftcode Dragon Sword VTC Mobile at Fanpage, ready to go to battle with the forces. danger.
– Homepage Dragon Sword VTC Mobile
– Fanpage Sword Dragon VTC Mobile
– Group Sword Dragon VTC Mobile
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

4. Enter the Code Game Sword Dragon VTC Mobile do?

Enter the Code Dragon Sword VTC Mobile to receive gems, equipment upgrade gems, crafting materials and rare equipment completely free, improve combat power, increase character strength to conquer all levels. Each giftcode Dragon Sword VTC Mobile offers different special items, you should quickly use them before the number of entries is exhausted.

Sword Dragon VTC Mobile, is an action role-playing game in a large fantasy world, with extremely eye-catching 3D graphics. Join the game, you will be immersed in the world where 2 races of Light and Darkness coexist. The game promises to bring you top-notch combat, immersed in the battle between good and evil.
– The game possesses extremely eye-catching 3D Graphics.
– System of rich character classes, including: Archer – Mage and Warrior, for you to choose from.
– The game with super light capacity, super smooth, low battery machines can still play all day.
– AFK feature helps to level up fast, import unlimited diamonds.
– Diverse feature system, helping players easily find weapons, equipment and necessary materials after each level up.

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