Play mobile games with PS4 controller, why not?

The PS4 controller is one of Sony’s most optimized game controllers, and it can be used on PS4, PC, and more, phones. Are you looking for a gaming controller for LG, Samsung, Sony or Android series in general? Too tired to find a controller to play Lien Quan mobile or Fornite, PUGB mobile, but the keys are not sensitive, analog is not.

PS4 controller for mobile gaming

So why not try to connect DualShock 4 handle from Sony PS4 to your mobile device? NShop game store would like to introduce to you a simple guide to connecting PS4 controllers to Android phones from a Tirexxx member. NintendoVN:

Test device with PS4 controller:

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Successfully connect and play through phone games with Dualshock 4 controllers:

  • Asphalt 8
  • ePSXe (Playstation 1 emulator on Android)
  • SNES 9x
  • Arena of valor
  • PUGB Mobile

Instructions for connecting PS4 controller to mobile:

Step 1:

First, you activate Bluetooth on your Android device, when you are on PS4 controller, press and hold 2 keys “Share” + “PS” (about 3 seconds), when you see the light on the back of the controller blinking continuously, release your hand, That is, you are putting your hands in DS4 in standby state to connect with other devices via bluetooth.

Connect the PS4 controller to Android

Step 2:

On your phone, in the list of Available Devices, check the device “Wireless Controller” – This is your DS4 controller above. After successful pairing, “Wireless Controller” will be moved to the “Paired Devices” list. receive the message “Connected”. The lights on the DS4 handle will light up continuously, no more blinking.

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Pairing can be difficult, if pairing is not possible. You must turn on / off Bluetooth on TB-Andr and repeat Step 1, Step 2 several times.

But, after the pairing is successful, it will be easier next time.

Connect PS4 hands to Mobile

Although the pairing of the DS4 controller and the device running Android is successful, most will encounter problems with the response speed of the DS4 controller is very slow, jittery, jerky, lagg, the key does not eat due to latency. (key-responsibly latency) high.

Step 3:

After successfully pairing the Android device and the DS4 hand, turn off Bluetooth on the TB-Andr, when disconnected the DS4 controller will automatically disconnect the power.

Step 4:

On TB-Andr you go to CH-Play, find the app named “Auto Bluetooth Connect” of UniqTec INC., And install this app.

Bluetooth controller on mobile phone

Step 5:

  • Configure on Bluetooth Auto Connect app
  • Run the Bluetooth Auto Connect application, and check Advanced in the menu, you select and reset 3 seconds for each parameter Retry Count and Retry After (sec).
  • Under Use setPriolity () select the DS4 controller is the Wireless Controller.

Handset Bluetooth for AndroidStep 6:

Now, re-enable Bluetooth on the Andr device, and run the Bluetooth Auto Connect app. Or just run the Bluetooth Auto Connect app, and Bluetooth will activate itself

Step 7:

Press the PS key on the DS4 controller to turn on the power, the Andr device will automatically detect the handle. But you choose to cancel (Cancel) when there is a connection notification.
In the Bluetooth Auto Connect app, click “Connect” on the first line of the menu.

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Step 8:

When the Bluetooth icon on the status bar of the Andr device has changed to a side arrow, look like this later. Your DS4 controller is successfully paired Bluetooth PS4 on Mobile

Step 9:

  • You try to run some games, or game emulator to test.
  • Through the Bluetooth Auto Connect app, the DS4 controller will overcome the continuous loss of connection when paired with a device running Android.

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