Among Us gaming keyboard shortcuts

Bảng phím tắt chơi game Among Us đầy đủ

Among Us suddenly “flashed” to become a star after 2 years of release. Currently it is the most popular game in 2020, continuously topping the global game rankings with more than 110,000 plays per hour. Among Us is a cross-platform game, so you can experience the game on any device.

Among Us is full of keyboard shortcuts

While Android & iOS users are blessed with smooth touch controls, the PC version lacks that advantage. If Among Us on PCYou need to know the shortcut controls to navigate and perform various tasks faster. Here it is a complete list of keyboard shortcuts Among Us game.

Among Us’s Tasks and Shortcuts Game

Actions you can perform while playing Among Us

Character movement: The basic action in every game is to navigate the character around the map. You can move your character around every room and hallway with WASD keys. If you are new to this gamer keyboard set, you can safely use the arrows on the keyboard for scrolling purposes.

  • Item Interaction / Use: To interact with an object or perform an action with a focused object. You can use the key E on the keyboard or left click if there is a connection. Some users have also reported that they can use the key Space to do this action in Among Us.
  • Exit a quest: After interacting with an object, you can leave the task by pressing ESC on the keyboard. Only after exiting a quest will you be able to interact with other objects or move to another point on the map.
  • Turn on / off the map viewer: At any time of the meeting, you can view the map on the screen by pressing the TAB key. To turn off the map, press the key again TAB.
  • Switch to full screen viewer: You can switch between windows mode or full screen at all times Among Us by pressing the key combination ALT+Enter.
  • Report found dead body: Press R on the keyboard to report seeing the body in the game Among Us.
  • Made a murder: To kill an imposter in Among Us, you must press Q on the keyboard.
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A complete list of gaming shortcuts Among Us

Main key Side key Main action
W + A + S + D Arrow keys Move character
E Left click / Space Use an object
Q Killing
R Cadaver found report
ESC Exit a quest
TAB Turn on / off the map viewer
ALT + Enter Turn on / off full screen
Control the game Among Us

Can you play Among Us with your controls?

Among Us doesn’t support a controller if you install it via Steam. However, if you play Among Us on BlueStacks, you can use the following controllers:

  • Sony PlayStation 4 Dualshock controls
  • Microsoft Xbox One controls
  • Redgear controls
  • Logitech Gamepad controls
  • PDP drivers
  • And other compatible devices

The above is keyboard shortcuts and controls for gaming Among Us PC. Hope the article is useful to you.

Updated: September 25, 2020

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