Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 4: Guide to play very strong Gong – Tien Phong

Galio Địa ngục

Truth arena season 4 – Learn about the power, how to play as well as how to map the generals in the combination Fanism – Pioneering extremely powerful.

Galio of Hell

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Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 4: Guide to play very strong Gong – Tien Phong

Formation strength

  • The fanaticism: When the squad loses 50% health, Lord Galio will be summoned to the position with the most enemies and knocked them out.
  • Pioneers: Plus a large amount of armor.

First of all, we need to talk about Fanism Galio is an independent unit, cannot be equipped, and will “watch” his followers fight until they are 50% HP before he will fight. And of course, with the lord’s strength, the Galio was a “very powerful” unit. Not only does he have outstanding stats on health, damage, armor, magic resistance … but Galio is also provided with additional special skills for each level (3) (6) (9) General Congregation. For Pioneers, we don’t need to discuss much because this is the tanker system that has existed in the previous seasons.

The Scythe – Pioneering formation will be a tank-oriented formation, the main damage will come from Jhin, helping you to focus the amount of damage for 1 unit. If you play 9 Scions, it will be difficult to combine another lineup. Not to mention the lack of equipment to attach to the main champions. When playing 6 Scythes and 4 Pioneers, you will have an extremely easy-to-breathe mid game, do not worry about losing points and spend money to upgrade units to 3 stars.

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How to play and organize your squad


The champions in the standard lineup include:

  • Tank: Garen (early game resistance), Aatrox (pulls the enemy back in place, facilitating Galio to land), Sejuani (wide area shock).
  • Semi-tank: Thresh (Shield buffs for low health units).
  • Damage: Pyke (control), Evelynn (finish off), Jhin (Main AD).
  • Support: Zilean (reviving comrades).

Note: It is imperative to have a heroic general of Cuong Dao to stimulate the system 2 times.

In the early game, you can use Garen and Thresh as main tank and keep score. Once you have all 3 of the Heralds, you will be more confident with Galio. Continue with Evelyn and Pyke, then Aatrox and Sejuani. Aatrox’s ability to pull enemies in the distance will allow Garen to rotate his sword, Galio down will help quickly finish off AD champions or Blood Mage in the backline.

How to dress

The way of dressing is also quite simple, you do not need to think too much. For tank champions, we attach resistance gear. However, you should attach dragon claws to Aatrox for this general to withstand better.

  • Jhin: Death reminder, Lunar Bow, Blood Sword.
  • Aatrox: Dragon claw, blood armor, fire armor …

I wish you success with the Scythe – Pioneering lineup!

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