Among Us: Everything you need to know about the new Toppat Airship map

Among Us There is going to be a new map and you will join an airplane killer game called Toppat.

2020 is a great year with Among Us. It has become a “global phenomenon” after 2 years of quiet release. Among Us has won 2 awards for the best mobile game and best multiplayer game of 2020 in the Game Awards event.

The developer Innersloth is working hard to make the game even more appealing. Recently, a new, completely different map has been revealed by Innersloth. The article will give you everything information about the Toppat Airship map in Among Us This new one.

Overview of the Toppat Airship map of Among Us

When will Toppat Airship release?

According to information from the developer, Toppat Airship will appear in Among Us around the beginning of 2021, as early as possible in the first quarter.

Spaceship in Among Us

Why is there a Toppat Airship map?

Because players Among Us have almost explored the current map and they always need a fresh challenge.

Details of Toppat Airship


Toppat Airship is expected to be the largest map in Among Us, bigger than Polus. It definitely offers players a more unique experience. Therefore, this map makes it easier for astronauts to pay attention to each other. An imposter can take action to defeat a target without being detected.

However, sometimes it also creates a disadvantage for the impostor, making it difficult for them to gain an advantage when the astronaut team begins to act.


Video introduction Among Us’s Toppat Airship map shows that there will be many new missions with unique additional features. The most notable feature might be the option to start in 1 out of 3 locations after the meeting is over. This change will open up a lot of new tactics for both Crewmate and Impostor teams.

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The above is everything you need to know about Among Us’s Toppat Airship maps. If there is any other information, please share with readers!

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