Black Panther has just been released and has been beaten up by “DC crazy fans”

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As a superhero movie from the fictional kingdom of Wakanda in faraway Africa, Black Panther Since its release, it has attracted a lot of attention from the superhero movie fan community. At the time of its release, the film was also rated quite well. However, after that, there was a large-scale “total attack” on the Internet, with poor votes on Rotten Tomatoes aimed at Black Panther. As far as information is known, there are some crazy fans of the cinematic universe DC called each other to plan a bad review for the movie Black Panther online, even though they haven’t even seen the movie.


As reported, more than 3000 people participated in this “total attack” operation. These people created an “event” on facebook, discussing to drown the movie Black Panther down. But the site Rotten Tomatoes – a website dedicated to movie reviews, information and news, widely known for its function of a well-known review aggregator system – is where reviews This group of crazy fans choose to “throw rotten tomatoes” for Black Panther. “Event” starts on February 15th, from the early screening of the movie Black Panther and will last until the 24th. According to their statement, this campaign is for retaliation Disney for paying people who criticize our movies DC. This is not the main driving force of the group, but they also mean that they will do this with both Avengers: Infinity Warin theaters this May, as well as the show Netflix of the Marvel. This group also seems to be the headliner for the audience’s low ratings of Star Wars: The Last Jedia movie also by Disney release.

However, many people have said that it is not possible to just see the outrageous “crazy” actions of these fans and equate all fans. DC all like that. Now, it’s not just the fans DC try to get rid of this destructive campaign, but also the fans of Star Wars also began to fight with the crazy fan group to “protect the extended universe” before its release Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Black Panther of the Marvel was only released at the end of January, but fans and critics have been taking to social media sites to express their excitement for the film. Many people praised it as the best movie of Marvel ever, and many people recognize the importance of the film to the cinematic universe Marvel. Like Wonder Woman, Black Panther by Chadwick Boseman marks an important milestone for superhero movies, a new step forward, as filmmakers have traditionally focused only on white male superheroes.

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