After 1 night of waking up, Tru Tien 3D gamer was excited because the group became a group of hotgirl VSBG shows

TT3D sau 1 dem hoa thanh group vsbg thumb - Emergenceingame

Until now, many people often have a stereotype that girls who play games are often not beautiful, the most beautiful level is only considered good-looking. It’s not necessarily wrong because if they’re as pretty hot girlV-line white chin skin has joined groups with communities to quickly become famous. But the hot girl group Tru Tien 3D The beautiful “mess” below seems to have “punched” straight into that prejudice.

Many beauty of hotgir Tru Tien, from luxurious…

to pure innocence

After only one night, the appearance of a series of beautiful and sexy female gamers in the group Tru Tien 3D community made many people think I was in the wrong group show VSBG. A lot of posts and comments like “This beautiful 3D Tru Tien gamer is not inferior to the hot girls in VSBG” or “I think I entered the wrong VSBG group, right?” making this community more vibrant than ever.

This time, people are no longer selling selling, suspecting that this is a trick of the NPH to hire a hotgirl like how VTV promotes the World Cup. Because unlike the girls who have to memorize the script when going to the other national television station, the Tru Tien hotgirls when shown up also have pictures and character names attached. And of course, the acquaintances of their faction quickly accepted their relatives and confirmed that these hotgirls really played the game.

Linh Selena, who is a hotgirl with a Western face, has fun playing games

Another girl is as pure as a princess

Besides the beautiful hot girl group, the male gamers of Tru Tien 3D are not inferior to the extremely handsome 6-pack boys. Especially the cast hot boy from S30 made the sisters on the other server whisper praise and ask to jump the server. The most surprising thing is that Nam Vuong Ngoc Tinh also played on this server, when he first posted a picture of the community, he didn’t know if it was real or bad, until the owner himself had to confirm it again. Normally, gamers do not think that playing games will contact celebrities, but it seems that Tru Tien has conquered many famous people such as Nam Vuong Ngoc Tinh, singer Khoi My – Kelvin Khanh, streamer Linh Ngoc Dam, Vanh Leg…

Nam Vuong Ngoc Tinh makes people confused

Another handsome Korean gamer is also from S30

According to research, the reason why until now, Tru Tien 3D’s hot boys and hot girls have been revealed by an event called “Tru Tien 3D Ambassador Search” was held from June 20 to 27// last 6. The winning contestants will become the face of Tru Tien 3D in the near future and receive attractive ingame gifts.

Let’s review the faces that “storm” the Tru Tien 3D community during the past week.​

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