Admire Forest of Liars .’s artwork-like graphics

Forest of Liars 0 - Emergenceingame

Forest of Liars is a game being developed by Umeshu Lovers Studio. Although there is very little information about the game, the community still has to admire the great graphics like the artwork of Forest of Liars.


The main idea of ​​the game revolves around expeditions into a mysterious forest, where no one has been able to return. Each expedition promises to bring players different experiences, with countless events and dangers lurking.

When entering the forest, players will also have the opportunity to meet with countless strange characters who always direct gamers to the heart of the forest. Some of them will be devoted to you, others have evil intentions that want to put you in danger. This is a forest of liars, and you’ll have to stay awake to keep yourself and your character safe.


In addition to interesting content, the most notable point of Forest of Liars, as mentioned above, is obviously the unique and artistic graphics system. Here are a few of the in-game images designed by Sylvain Sarrailh, the game’s graphic director:

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