Access websites in Firefox right from the desktop

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Accessing websites on Firefox right from the desktop is one of the most used ways by users to quickly access a website without having to spend a lot of time opening the browser and entering the website.

Creating web links with icons on the desktop may be a feature trick that sounds far-fetched for many users, but surely, this feature is very useful for nearly all browsers like downloading Chrome, Firefox or Coc Coc. .

That means, users can completely access the viewed website, in other words, review the visited website on Firefox right from the desktop, no need to go through settings or setup much. Some readers expressed that they do not know this trick. So let’s learn this simple trick with

move Firefox web page to desktop

Access websites in Firefox right from the desktop

The operation is quite simple because users only need to manipulate the Firefox interface within two steps to be able to create shortcuts for websites on the desktop easily.

Step 1: Resize Firefox browser to see the desktop interface and Firefox browser window.

create Firefox website shortcut on desktop

Step 2: Click and hold right on Firefox’s address bar as shown in the image below and drag and drop it out of the screen. Depending on the website format, these can be favicons, the term favicon is understood as a small image displayed in front of the website’s title, on the title bar of the browser when the user visits.

Quick access to Firefox web on desktop

Wait a moment to create a website shortcut on the desktop successfully.

Users can also drop many quick browser settings such as Bookmarks and Library to the desktop as shortcuts.

Note in particular that these shortcuts can only be opened in Firefox when users set and change Firefox as the default web browser on Windows. So first you need to find out how set Firefox as default on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. Firefox is like that, and other browsers like downloading Coc Coc or Chrome also have the same way.

Firefox is one of the best web browsers in 2016, in addition, interested readers can also download and use many other top web browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Coc Coc.
Good luck!

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