CFL: Update new rank format, Xu Vinh Du officially revealed

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Gunners don’t miss update new and extremely exciting events on the battlefield CFL this hot summer.

Open mode, brand new map super hot (May 28 – June 3)

  • Open normal – hard – super Thunder Cliff mode with super hot event 5 yellow cards
  • New Mode Zombie Leader: This is a brand new mode that promises many interesting surprises that gamers cannot miss. In the new mode will be divided into 2 factions, one side will defend the target, the other side will release zombies to attack. Too hot to experience this summer, right?

  • Zombie Prison Break Mode: open a new map Old Castle

Login to receive gifts (May 28 – June 3):

  • May 28 – May 30: Receive 3-day Glory Set
  • May 31 – June 3: receive 3-day Peony set, especially login on June 3 to receive 12-hour AK47-Transformer

Shop discount up to 50% (May 28 – June 3): a lot of hot items are waiting for you to get them quickly lest you miss them


Play hot mode to receive big rewards (May 28 – June 3):

  • Complete 3 Zombie Jailbreak matches to receive: AK47-Glory Parts x 2
  • Completing 5 Battles Zombie Leader receives: Kukri Glory Component x 2

x2 Top up the first Zing card of the day (May 27 – May 31): Gunners when loaded with Zing card will receive an additional x2 value of the first top-up card of the day. Particularly for cards with a face value of 200,000 VND or more, they will receive an additional maximum of 200,000 VND. Too good, isn’t it? Must load quickly! Note that it only applies to the first recharge card of the day, gunner.​

  • Deposit 1 million – get 200,000 VND more
  • Deposit 500,000 VND – get 200,000 VND more
  • Deposit 200,000 VND – get 200,000 VND more
  • Deposit 100,000 VND – get another 100,000 VND
  • Deposit 50,000 VND – get 50,000 VND more
  • Deposit 20,000 VND – get another 20,000 VND

CFL Lott is extremely new and epic:

  • CFL Lott 32K (May 28 – June 3): When the gunner deposits 200 gems, he will participate in a lucky draw (scheduled to be drawn and awarded on June 4) with extremely valuable prizes including: 1st prize 32000 gems (1 prize), 2nd prize 16000 gems (2 prizes), 3rd prize 8000 gems (5 prizes).
  • CFL Lott 10K (June 3): When gunners log in on June 3, they will be entered into a lucky draw on June 4 with equally hot prizes including: first prize 10000 gems (1 prize), second prize: 5000 gems (2 prizes), third prize 2500 gems (5 prizes).

Season Special Rank June will release a new format with the appearance of Xu Vinh Du and Honor Shop:

When the gunner participates in playing rank and doing rank-related tasks with the number of matches, certain rank levels will receive honor coins. Gunners will use these Honor Coins to exchange items in the Honor shop or related Vuong Bai events.

What are you waiting for, gunners who are passionate about shooting do not immediately join the fiery battlefield of CFL to receive many offers not to be missed this summer!

Find out more information about Crossfire Legends here:

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