Batman’s wedding to Catwoman goes bankrupt at the hands of Wonder Woman

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It seems that the Dark Knight is always haunted by a ghost named “fate”.. Because every time something bright appears in his life, it will be engulfed in darkness. That ghost is like playing with Batman even when I’m about to witness the turning point in my life called Catwoman. In fact, the emotional relationship between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne was no longer strange, but only now have the two come to the decision to live together for life.

That decision probably made the two officially become husband and wife in episode 39 of the Batman series.. if Wonder Woman doesn’t come up with a story that’s definitely not what you think it is.


No one but Jim Gordon is trusted to use the Bat Singal beacon on the roof of the GCPD building. That’s why when he discovered that the lamp was turned on without his consent, the Commissioner of Police with his entourage appeared immediately with a weapon in hand. But Wonder Woman is still Wonder Woman and she doesn’t blink at the barrel of a police gun when they find out who turned on the Bat Signal. She says she needs Batman’s help to solve a problem that lies outside the human world… where Superman’s powers are completely useless.

And when Batman suddenly appeared as a ghost, Wonder Woman started making suggestions. She said that now is the time when she and her teammates in Justice League must fulfill the promise to Gentleman – a warrior imprisoned in another dimension. For thousands of years Gentle Man had to single-handedly hold back the legions of demons that were lurking in the human world. In the past when Batman and Wonder Woman accidentally got lost in that dimension, they stood shoulder to shoulder with Gentle Man in a long battle against the demons. Returning to the human world, the two fulfill their promise that they will return one day, taking Gentle Man’s place as the guardian of this dimension and giving him at least one day of peace. live peacefully.

Wonder Woman says that because of the magical nature of that world, people with super powers are useless. This means that Superman – who relies on muscle strength rather than combat skills will have to stay out of this mission. That’s why when Catwoman sends her best wishes to the highway and promises to help Gentle Man get used to modern life.. It’s time for Batman and Wonder Woman to say goodbye to begin their arduous mission. With a knack for close combat, Batman and Wonder Woman soon proved their absolute strength. Winning hundreds of battles against the demon army, the two can only rely entirely on their own hands and will to help each other escape from hell.


Returning to Gotham, Catwoman is helping Gentle Man adjust to modern life.. But surprisingly, Gentle Man said he has only been away for about a year in the human world. This is because time passes much faster in the demonic dimension, which means that a few hours in Gotham will be as long as a year in the other world.

Although the human body will not age, the perception of time is still the same. And until Gentle Man was about to spend a day in peace in Gotham, Batman and Wonder Woman had to fight for 10 years. In their minds, the hope of Gentle Man’s return had ceased to exist, and now they could only rely on each other. 10 years of fighting, 10 years of birth and death, 10 years of living next to only one person.. Try to ask if you have feelings for them?.. The answer is..


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