Super product Tekken graphics to Android after a long time Beta

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Tekken is one of the titles fighting games most famous in the world, has a tradition no less than Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat but the company Bandai Namco (Japan) just introduced the Android version for the mobile platform. Right now the game has officially released the full version on Google Play.


In its first release, Tekken owns a collection of more than 20 characters, including legendary warriors like Kazuya Mishima, Paul, Xiaoyu, Law, Panda, .. and many more. The gameplay still adheres to the 1vs1 single-player feature of the fighting genre but has changed the controller and added different types of arenas.


Preview game Tekken mobile version.

Regarding controls, Tekken Remove the directional lever and virtual keys, focus on using swipes and touches directly on the screen, similar to Mortal Kombat’s method. The arenas include Dojo Master, Story Mode, Live Event. Gamers can collect and upgrade gladiators through ingame activities. Live Events are expected to be held weekly or monthly, including new matches or characters and content.​

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