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52 Rules of Survival tips for all gamers

Rules Of Survival is a survival shooter that attracts a large number of players, because the gameplay is similar to PUBG but completely free. The player’s task is to find the weapons and equipment needed to become the last survivor.

Rules Of Survival: Rules Of Survival

It sounds simple, but to become the last survivor requires you to learn a lot of things, gain experience to quickly gain the advantage. Invite you to follow 52 tips for both new gamers and pros:

52 Rules of Survival tips for all gamers

1. Check the map right at the start of the match

Make me a habit as soon as I enter the match to look at the map, to remember familiar locations. Just click on the map to automatically zoom in.

2. Don’t skydive too soon

Do not jump out of the plane too soon, but choose the right position to be more active. The farther the plane flies, the fewer people will compete with you.

3. Watch other people jump off the plane

You can track the number of people left on the plane in the left pane of the screen. At the same time, when jumping down, we can see which other people are flying in any direction, landing in any area. So, carefully observe to choose the appropriate falling point, with a direction to handle as soon as it lands.

Rules of Survival

4. Move closer to the buildings

Move close to buildings in the early game, to avoid being chased, shoot from a distance and have more running angles than outside of an empty area.

5. Stay close to your teammates in the early game

When you’re around your teammates, you can be protected if you don’t have a gun or catch someone walking alone to attack.

6. Communicate with teammates

During team fighting, regularly contact your teammates to coordinate well. Double check the Voice chat to see if it works, to hear what your friends are saying.

7. Use markers to select falling points

After opening the map, you should also mark the places you want to go to let your teammates know, it is easier to gather together.

8. Note the teammates’ markers as well

You also need to pay attention to the marks of your teammates, to work together to come up with the best strategy for the battle. In some situations where you can’t chat, this tip is extremely helpful.

9. Watch out for places with lots of delicious food

There are many areas with a lot of delicious food, you can refer to the 6 delicious loot places that we introduced before for more experience. When you know which areas have a lot of delicious food, it is less time consuming to run everywhere, and dangerous and difficult to loot.

10. Memorize the map

Choose for yourself the falling points, then memorize them so that when you land, you can quickly find delicious weapons, find a safe hiding place when dangerous, avoid confrontation with enemies in the early game.

11. The area with lots of delicious food will be more dangerous

Some central areas will have many weapons and good equipment to loot but also means that many people gather here to find items. So, you need to be very careful.

12. Be careful when loot items in dangerous areas

Also because ROS is a survival game, surviving to the extreme is extremely important. Do not be too eager to pick up things, but rush into areas that are too dangerous. You need to be careful when loot in central areas, many people rushing at the same time like this.

13. Very standard parachute

Once the jump zone has been identified, the jump area will only proceed. However, skydiving is also an art, but not everyone knows how to jump to the fastest, earliest landing. The faster you land, the higher your chances of survival are. If you jump to areas near the flight path, it is about 600 to 700 meters away, direct the character straight down, the character’s head is perpendicular to the ground to reach the highest falling speed.

14. Farthest jumping distance

To jump far, just rotate the character horizontally, as well as lying parallel to the ground to fly farthest. When jumping, hold the direction button so that the character will rush forward as well as let the parachute pop out. The distance traveled by players from the plane to other areas is 900 – 1300m.

The farthest jump distance

15. Falling positions for newbies

For new players, you should not risk your life, rush to the center area and jump to the edge of the map or places a little far from the center to avoid a lot of collisions.

16. After getting out of the plane, launch straight forward

Once off the plane, you can jump in any direction you want. However, you should only jump straight in the direction of the plane, you should not back down because then it will fall much slower than those who jumped in front.

17. Danger zone start time

When the plane disappears, the safe zone will appear. Only 5 minutes later the ring will begin to shrink.

18. Travel time round bo

Depending on the location, the distance of the safety zone and the circle on the map, the travel times of each area will vary. Jogging may not be enough speed in the initial big rounds.

Travel time round bo

19. New and old safe zone

Each new safe zone is equal to 1/3 of the previous safe zone.

20. Miniature turnaround time

Knowing the time shrinking circle will help you make a smarter decision, when waiting for time to be near the bo and move in time:

  • Round 1: 4p30, miniature inner ring: 3p
  • Round 2: 2p30, inner circle: 2p30
  • Round 3: 2p, miniature inner ring: 2p
  • Round 4: 2p, miniature inner ring: 1p30
  • Round 5 onwards: 1p30, miniature inner ring: 1p

21. Save for energy drinks

Save energy drinks for use when moving out of the circle.

22. After each reduction of the circle will increase the damage

The circle increases damage, the smaller it will hurt (up to 5 health / s).

23. Change melee weapons

When at the last moments of the match, you need to switch to melee weapons because the distance between the players is very close.

24. Observe carefully when there is gunfire

Whenever there is a gunshot, look around carefully and do not panic. Sometimes they just test or shoot someone nearby.

25. Avoid long-term fighting

The longer you shoot each other, the faster nearby people will come, destroying the enemy as quickly as possible.

26. Note the equipment level

Equipment has 3 main ranks, but is more commonly used level 2. Level 1 guns are pretty boring so don’t use them for too long, but quickly change to a higher level.

27. Select equipment to collect

Need to choose a gun with good damage, moderate ammo to avoid the backpack filling too quickly. Also, don’t spend too much time gathering tier 2 equipment.

28. Always remember playing a survival game

Always remind yourself that you are playing a survival game, not a shooting game. Do not be too engrossed in swords and fights, but lose your life. Just hide, find a good opportunity then go out.

29. should not shoot a gun

Every time you shoot a gun you need to consider carefully, shooting ahead or shooting indiscriminately often does more harm. Make others know your position and destroy them.

30. Evade first and calculate

If you see footprints or hear a sound, hide first and then calculate later.

31. Basic hiding position

When in the middle and late in the game, quickly find single quarters with a single door. Wait here with a shotgun and attack as soon as possible.

32. Hide location in empty area

Choose a hill with tall grass and lie at the top or hillside to wait for the enemy to arrive. It is best to wait while the enemy turns to shoot to create the best surprise and finish.

Hide location in empty area

33. Hide while in a safe zone

Take cover if you were in a safe zone in the first place.

34. On / off position of leaning feature

Just go to Settings, switch to tab Operation, drag the slider on the item Tilt operation to ON to enable leaning when shooting. Those who do not know how to enable the leaning feature can refer to the article that we introduced before.

Turn on the tilt feature

35. Take advantage of the Leaning feature

With hiding phases in empty areas, corners of houses, large buildings, try to take advantage of the leaning feature.

36. After eating, move immediately to another location

After taking a kill at a building, quickly move away from that spot, as you may have been exposed and more people come looking for the loot.

37. Probably new to kill

Only kill other players if it will definitely kill 100%.

38. Firing silencers will still be detected

Shooting with silencers will still be detected if another player wears headphones. So, don’t be subjective and shoot indiscriminately.

39. Parody the opponent to your teammates

In a team battle, you can lure the opponent to let your teammates destroy.

40. Shoot the enemy completely dead

When the opponent falls, try Last Hit for a few times to prevent him from rescuing.

41. Try to find obstructions

Lying on a low crawl or kneeling with nothing to obstruct your vision will only kill yourself.

42. Note where you are hiding

If you are on the hill and hide in the grass, the enemy will be shot down from the top of the hill. Depending on the location, choose a hiding place for it very cleverly.

43. Let the enemy run to the safe zone first

Letting the enemy run to the front position will help you see where the enemy is hiding, while you are undetected. Then just wait patiently, when he moves to another position, “shoot” immediately.

44. Wait in a safe area

Usually, everyone thinks someone waits in the safe area first, but in reality everyone is walking around looking for a life. If you are at the safety center first, then just sit there and wait for someone to come and kill.

45. Add 3 points for each network

You get 3 extra points per life, but you will get more points over time you survive. So do not want to destroy the enemy too much but die soon.

46. ​​Don’t expose your location

Most players die due to being detected by someone else’s location first, so you must be careful not to expose your location under any circumstances.

47. The enemy runs often not looking behind

Enemies running in front of you usually don’t look behind, so you will know where the enemy is hiding to destroy.

48. Using Autorun

You also need to know how to use Autorun for both running, kneeling and crawling. Keeping the position you want to move, mark the position and choose the Autorun command, you will automatically crawl to that position to reduce hand fatigue.

49. The ideal distance at the end of the game

In team mode when at the end of the game, stand 4 – 8m apart to timely support each other, without being detected by the enemy to kill both of them.

50. Don’t be engrossed in killing the enemy

Try to get as little fights as possible, just kill 1 person or at most 4 – 5 people on the way to loot. Left try to hide, wait for the opportunity.

51. In the last round you see that the enemy must shoot first

In the last rounds, seeing the enemy first, you must shoot first to take advantage. Because everyone will lie crawling, waiting for the enemy’s position to attack, you must be quick.

Lying cow

52. Shoot a decoy to know where the enemy is

In the last round, you can bait or intentionally reveal the position to know the enemy’s location. This is only applicable if you are located in the center of a safe area, with trees or a secure environment.

Hopefully the above article will help you gain more experience to become the last survivor in this extremely fierce war. In addition to the PC version, you can also experience Rules Of Survival on the phone:

Rules of Survival for Android Rules of Survival for iOS

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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