5 things new GTA Online players should do when getting started

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New player GTA Online There will be many difficulties when entering the game world. The following 5 tips to play GTA Online for beginners will help you get off to a better start and from there, complete the immediate goals.

GTA Online Bringing players to a world full of vengeance. From the miserable to the oppressors to an uncompromising economy, it can all be a real challenge for new players. If you are one of them, here is a list of 5 things you need to do to step steadily and step by step rise to the top of the crime world in Los Santos quickly.

5 things gta online players need to do when they start playing

Gamers need to do nothing when playing GTA Online for the first time

5 things new GTA Online players should do when getting started

1. Have a good enough car

One of the first things a novice plays GTA Online will be asked to do is steal a car in the street. The selection should be carefully considered because in the beginning, players will find it very hard to accumulate money. Without a house or garage, they can only take one car at a time.

Five things every online gamer should do when they start

Although you are free to choose the vehicle, but this comes with a warning, that the player is not allowed to choose too expensive vehicles. This puts restrictions on player options but there are still many viable vehicles to keep an eye on such as:

– Vapid Dominator
– Zion Cabrio
– Benefactor Schwartzer
– Ocelot F620O
– Ocelot Jacka

GTA Online has the same gameplay as the GTA version installed on the computer, you can refer to how to play GTA to get more experience for yourself.

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2. Participate in monetization events in the game

GTA Online’s weekly bonuses highlight notable events, giving players a chance to get 2 or 3 times the money and RP. New players should check out these events weekly and complete them to quickly reap large amounts of cash.

5 things every online gamer should do when starting 2

Do not miss these events as even in the last place, you will often make more money than regular communication missions with no bonuses. Gathering this amount is important as it forms the basis for establishing future revenue streams for future players.

3. Save money to buy a luxury apartment

In the early days of playing GTA Online, buying a low-end or mid-range apartment is a waste of money that you can hardly earn. While you will have parking space, the apartments themselves are useless as high-paid Heists robberies are only available in high-end apartments.

5 things every online gamer should do when starting 3

The Heists quests are an important part of the GTA Online experience, and you should do some of these as soon as you enter the game. While you can join Heists quests by pairing with other players, starting the Heists quest as a Leader always gets paid more.

In addition to the ability to organize thefts, players also own a garage that can accommodate up to 10 cars with a luxury apartment. So, do not waste money, but invest in a high-end apartment with reasonable price.

4. Invest in a CEO office and warehouse early

5 things every online gamer should do when starting 4

After players accumulate enough money, a CEO office is the gateway to making more money. After purchasing a CEO office, players will be able to start a freight, vehicle, and gun business, along with a high-paying VIP job. This forms the backbone of every GTA Online player’s crime business and offers the most money until players can afford an Arcade to go on a Diamond Casino Heist mission.

5. Buy Kuruma armored vehicle

5 things every online gamer should do when starting 5

The value of the Kuruma armored vehicle in GTA Online is not overstated. It is the player’s best friend in promenade drives, robberies and missions of the century. With high bullet resistance, almost impenetrable bullet, this vehicle will ensure your success in almost any job. At $ 698,250 (or $ 525,000 after The Fleeca Job), buying this car is unquestionable for any new GTA Online player.

GTA Online of the present has many changes compared to GTA Online of 2013. New players may feel confused when they just arrived in the city of Los Santos. Hopefully the things to do for new players of GTA Online shared above will help you somewhat steadily step up and quickly level up in the game. Now, gamers also easily play GTA 5 Online with your friends.

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