How to increase DPI sensitivity play Free Fire on the phone

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Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game that offers a completely different gameplay, the game also offers all kinds of control settings that players can customize to their liking, and so does DPI. Here is how to increase DPI play sensitivity Free Fire on Android phone if you don’t know.

Did you know that you can customize the DPI sensitivity when playing Free Fire on mobile? Enjoying the game is now easier because the crosshair is locked on the body, head or limbs. Here’s how to do it with the DPI increase in Garena Free Fire.

There is a large number of dpis playing free fire on your phone

Instructions to increase DPI sensitivity play Free Fire on the phone

How to increase DPI in Garena Free Fire

Step 1: Open the app Setting on your phone device => segment access About phone => scroll down until you see Version number, click 5 to 10 times Version number to unlock the system Developers.

Step 2: After becoming developer on my mobile device => access customization choose a developer You will find an option to boost Smallest Width. It should be between 360 and 400 by default.

Step 3: Increase width (DPI) according to your wish.

Builds created by dpi play free fire on your phone 2

What happens when you increase DPI playing Garena Free Fire?

– Increasing your DPI will increase the sensitivity of the point / pixel per inch in the game.
– This setting will also change the phone’s sensitivity and Free Fire.
– DPI change allows players to scroll more comfortably, providing a much more enjoyable Free Fire gaming experience.
With just a few simple steps, you can change the adjustment to increase or decrease the DPI sensitivity index on the device screen to play Free Fire better. In addition, the character selection also greatly affects the victory, currently Alok is still the character with the most powerful skills.

Reference: DJ Alok’s new character skills in Free Fire

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