5 reasons that you should play the game on the “hardest” mode

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Play the game on the most difficult mode to help you fully enjoy the game.

Most games today allow gamers to choose between Easy, Normal and Hard game modes. Often choosing which mode to start with is an important player decision as it will affect your overall gaming experience. There’s really no right or wrong choice, but here are five reasons you should choose “Hard”:

5 reasons that you should play games in "The hardest"

Playing a game with more difficult modes in the beginning can be frustrating and frustrating as you may encounter consecutive “Game Over” messages. However, challenges can also become a source of mental stimulation for ourselves, and it will bring you more satisfaction with yourself if you overcome them. So, if you find yourself able to get the most out of the game even though things are tough right from the start, then hard mode should become your default setting.

5 reasons that you should play games in "The hardest"

A lot of games you can immediately recognize that it is too easy to play, too easy to overcome the challenges. There are many reasons for such games, such as because the game developers want the game to be played that way, or for those who have played the game a lot, their skills have improved, you have get used to games that are much more difficult.

Luckily for us, most modern games these days allow you to switch game modes from easy to hard and vice versa at any time. That way, you don’t have to start over if the need for higher-level challenges arises while playing the game.

5 reasons that you should play games in "The hardest"

For an easy game, levels rarely last long, you may be left disappointed when it ends, such as pulling the trigger and shooting in an encounter with enemies in games. act. This will limit the ability to interact in the game, you do not need to use the various mechanics of the game.

Usually, gamers have a common idea when playing games that their hits have some value, for example, when a bullet is fired or a sword is swung, it must kill the enemy. Or for games that involve the use of resources, you want the inventory management to be fully effective to ensure that you do not run out of items or equipment, use all strategies as you wish. you to win. Some puzzle games don’t even provide any hints to the player for difficult puzzles to solve.

Therefore, interacting with the game’s mechanics on the most difficult level can enhance your experience and enjoyment of the game. Many players also realize that maybe the developers want to play on hard mode too.

Some games have built-in achievements or different titles that can only be won by playing in more difficult modes and challenges. Such as “Get X resources on hard mode” or simply “Complete the game on hard mode”. These achievements and trophies are the clearest proof that you have finished the game.

5 reasons that you should play games in "The hardest"

By setting difficulty mode in the game from the beginning, you will increase the duration of the levels and experience the “boom” moments that are not available in easy or normal mode. This is especially true for the role-playing game series, where you will have to think more carefully about every move or perform many tasks in the list to let your character and team level up. Only strong can beat you to the final boss.

There are many reasons for you to play the game, the most important of which is to have fun, so if the hard mode annoys you, no one will force you to continue. But if you’re looking to find the fun of gaming again, Hard Mode is just what you need.

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