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The trick to turn off the automatic download mode on Microsoft Edge is expected by many interested readers to send to Emergenceingames.com to solve the situation after downloading songs and files, users cannot choose the positions themselves. desired download location that the browser always automatically downloads.

It is a fact that not only Microsoft Edge but many other web browsers, even the best web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox always automatically download when users download files or applications on the web. This makes it difficult for users to quickly archive files to a certain storage folder.

To prevent automatic downloads on Microsoft Edge, users will have to enable the feature to ask users before downloading to easily control the files that will be downloaded on the computer.

How to block automatic downloads on Microsoft Edge

Step 1: Access Settings on Microsoft Edge by clicking on the three dashes icon and selecting Settings.

chan tu dong download on microsoft edge

Step 2: In the Settings interface, scroll down to the bottom and select Advanced Settings to select additional and improved settings settings.

chan tu dong download files on microsoft edge

Step 3: In the Advanced settings section, scroll down and continue to push the button to the right from Off >On to activate the item Ask Microsoft Edge what to do with each download.

chan tu on microsoft edge

This is a custom item that allows the Microsoft Edge browser to always automatically ask for the download location of the file before starting to download the file to your computer.

Thus, it is possible to complete the Microsoft Edge request to choose a file download location in the browser.

Usually in this case, if you already have a familiar folder to download the file, press Change in the item Download and select the desired folder to download files later to avoid having to choose the download folder on Microsoft Edge multiple times. The way to change the download location in Microsoft Edge is also very useful so that you do not need to worry about having to find files after downloading.

download folder on microsoft edge

Above Emergenceingames.com showed you how to block automatic downloads on Microsoft Edge With a lot of new features added, Microsoft Edge is becoming more and more perfect, not only adding additional features to the extension, users already have can create bookmarks on Microsoft Edge as well as transfer bookmarks from Google Chrome, IE to Microsoft Edge easily and vice versa. In fact, creating bookmarks on Microsoft Edge will have a slightly different display and storage than previous IE, so not many users are familiar with this feature.

Finally, Emergenceingames.com also introduced readers to a small trick to speed up Microsoft Edge quite easily just by disabling and disabling flash, especially when a lot of flash content is really tasteless and obstructing. user experience.

Wish you have an enjoyable experience with new features on Microsoft Edge. And if you don’t like having to adjust automatic downloads, you can also use Firefox, on Firefox this feature is already enabled, so you can rest assured that it will not be automatically downloaded on Firefox browser.

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