5 champions worth playing in Dota 2 7.22G

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Dota 2 is a game that is constantly changing as the developers roll out a new update, changing the game’s features, directly impacting champions, causing the meta to change, and changing the game. Playing some champions has become more difficult, here is a list of the top 5 walls worth playing in Dota 2 7.22G, the latest update from Valve after TI9.

After the end of TI9, the update Dota 2 7.22G Valve’s first was to balance the strength of the generals, many items were also changed. A lot of overpowered heroes like Tiny and talent IO have been nerfed, and some of the lower picks have been nerfed significantly. A list of the best champions is made that covers all positions and is not particularly effective in order of effect.

5 most popular games in dota 2 7 22g

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Top 5 Heroes worth playing in Dota 2 7.22G

1. Night Stalker

Night Stalker is a pretty strong Hero in the last few updates. However, his recent buff in the Dota 2 7.22G update has increased pick rate and win rate. Now, Night Stalker can deal damage during the day if he owns an Aghanim Scepter, which makes a lot more sense. The scepter gives NS the ability to cast a Void within AoE, reducing his cooldown, helping him farm and increasing the duration of the mini-stun.

5 most popular games in dota 2 7 22g 2

All in all, Night Stalker is a very strong champion and he can survive early ganks, dealing tons of damage at night. NS limits enemy vision and suffocates them at night. Night Stalker has the ability to pressure the enemy and create space for the core heroes of the team farm.

2. Keeper Of The Light

Keeper is a hero that is almost never included in Taimienphi’s list of the best champions to play. But things have completely changed in recent updates. After Dota 2 update 7.22G, KOTL has reduced the delay of Blinding Light. Heroes can now continue to spam Blinding Light during the laning phase, making it difficult for enemy champions to push towers or farm.

5 most popular games in dota 2 7 22g 3

In addition to Blinding Light, a few other buffs were also created to suit this champion such as increasing Chakra Magic Mana Leak and level 25 talent buff to 2 Will-o-Wisp Flicker. KOTL is usually played as 5th support with Ring of Basilius and early Tranquil Boots. After that, KOTL can build other useful items like Force Staff and Eul Scepter.

3. Skywrath Mage

Skywrath Mage is one of the heroes with the most annoying skills in the game. low skill cooldown, high damage and hard to deal with even early game. Aside from a few champions like Silencer and Huskar, Sky can get a huge mid-range advantage over many other heroes. Although Skywrath Mage is not buffed in this update, he is very good at soloing and killing people, which makes him extremely useful in the current meta.

5 most popular games in dota 2 7 22g 4

4. Puck

Puck has been buffed continuously since the last few updates, the hero has received a big change to his Phase Shift ability, allowing it to be able to dodge extremely useful attacks. This is a huge buff for Puck and makes him a more elusive character, in addition to receiving an Agility boost buff that makes him even stronger.

Starting items like 2 Nulls and Power Tread are very useful for Puck, then gamers often go to Midas to increase the amount of money, the amount of XP to level 15 quickly. Items in the late game can include Sheep-Stick, Scepter when combined with the level 25 Rapid Fire talent for strong damage.

5 most popular games in dota 2 7 22g 5

5. Abaddon

Abaddon may not be the strongest hero in the game but he is even more viable in the current meta. This champion has the third skill Curse of Avernus, which is one of the best laning skills in the game and the ability to upset, slow down the enemy’s attack, slow down the opponent’s movement with this passive skill. Abaddon also has the skill to support his teammates and himself because of the second skill. And finally, the ability to heal according to the amount of damage received, Abaddon becomes immortal if it falls into the hands of some masters.

5 most popular games in dota 2 7 22g 6

Thus, you and Taimienphi have just reviewed the list of the top 5 most worth-playing champions in Dota 2 7.22G, each of which can be used well in some positions, dealing a lot of damage or annoying abilities. Choosing the right lane is always important in every top Dota match. If you don’t know yet Dota 2 version 7.22g What’s new, please refer to here the detailed content changed by Valve.

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