Mod Grip Joy-con: Attaching a worry-free case (Good tip)

The Nintendo Switch Joy-con Grip comes in handy when you play games on TV because it feels as comfortable as holding a traditional gaming controller with rounded edges. However, one disadvantage that is easy to see for the technician is when you attach the case to the machine (Eg bumper Alu, Nintendo Switch print case good The Alley case…) Every time you play TV, you have to remove the case.

Joy-con grip mod Nintendo Switch

As for the camera body, The solution is an extension cord from the dock to a USB-C. But for 2 Joy-con, it always makes us a headache because removing the cover is both time consuming and annoying. Playing games like Bayoneta, Splatoon 2, Diablo 3 … for a long time is such a long-time nightmare!

Today nShop will share with you a very cool Grip Joy-con mod tip from a customer of nShop. (Reference from the Nintendo Switch community sites) that anyone can do!

Preparatory tools to mod the Grip Joy-con:

Mod Grip Nintendo Switch helps to fit Joy-con when there is a case

First you see the overall Hand Grip Joycon, mainly when attaching the case, there will be no way to insert it due to the increased size difference.

Original joy-con hand-grip

The front of your Grip removes 4 screws where the shop is circled in red. Note that this is a 3-sided screw, so you need it 3-sided screwdrivers (Y-shaped screwdrivers) to open it. The 3-sided snail is somewhat harder to open than the 4-sided snail, the Nintendo part tightens with the machine so it is relatively hard. You need to use pressure down and rotate, avoid peeking the screw head will be very difficult to open later!

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Unscrew the front hand-grip

Once opened you can remove the back of the Grip Joy-con. This place will be the 4-sided screw so the removal is relatively easier, you open these 4 screws to separate the rounded grip from the grip frame.

Unscrew the back of the joy-con grip

Open all the screws attached to the Grip Joy-con …

Remove all screws

Below is an overview of all items after you remove them “ball ball”. The design is relatively simple, but it does wonders, it’s just Nintendo. There is absolutely no electronic circuit inside the Grip so you don’t need to worry!

Overall grip after disassembling

Now you reattach the body of the Grip by tightening the screw – remove the rounded part as it is the reason why you can’t fit the Joy-con installed with the case.

Tighten the joy-con grip

Now let’s try the results !!! Although losing the edge to handle is not “happy” As before, this solution is a lot more convenient for anyone using a handheld mode. This simple Joy-con grip when you carry it with you, taking out the Tablet Mode to play it is also more convenient.

joy-con fit results already attached

If you can work hard, you can collage and add small decal then paste it in the square on the back of the Grip Joy-con to decorate it. Here are the results of nShop after 30 minutes of opening and cutting.

Achievement nShop mod Grip

Joy-con grip back nShop

Hopefully this article will be more useful for those who love playing handheld games, if you have any further comments you can comment below or inbox to comment. Your sharing is a useful contribution to Nintendo Switch Vietnam community us!

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