Best Free Fire character skill combo 2020

Garena Free Fire offers more than 30 characters with different skills. One of the best features of the game BR Free Fire This is the ability to combine the character’s skills to bring the highest combat efficiency. So what are the best character skill combos in Free Fire?

The characters are a special part of Garena Free Fire as each character possesses a unique skill and therefore it is important to know how to combine characters to create best combos in combat. Currently, this hit Battle Royale game offers players more than 30 characters.

how to combo the keys to vat in free fire

Guide to Combo skills of characters in Free Fire

The most interesting part of the game is that the player can combine the abilities and skills of the characters to advance further, fight better and survive longer in the war. These skills may seem completely unrelated, but they can complement each other very well and be combined into effective combos. In this article, will share with you the best character skill combos in Free Fire.

The best character skill combinations in Free Fire

1. Best Attack Character Combo Free Fire

Assault is probably the most popular role in Free Fire. Usually, this position will use SMGs and ARs, sometimes with sniper rifles and Shotguns.

* Alok + Miguel + K + A124

This combo focuses on keeping the battle constant, with all the skills related to HP and EP recovery. A124’s skill will consume all the excess EP from K and Miguel’s skills, and turn them into HP. As such, you will get an advantage even in combat. Alok has a perfect “common skill”, suitable for any formation

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how to combo free fire

* Alok + Luqueta + Jota + Jai

This combo is perfect if you’re going to be fighting with an SMG in hand as Jota and Jai allow you to unleash the full range of SMGs using the SMG. Jota’s instant healing is really OP – so superior it’s limited to weaker weapons like shoguns and SMGs. Luqueta and Alok’s skills will increase your survivability.

How to understand the best free fire combos

* Wolfrahh + Alok + Hayato + A124

This is the most comprehensive combo when it comes to both damage and survivability. Hayato’s armor penetration and Wolfrahh’s ability to deal extra damage when hitting target’s limbs deal a lot of extra damage, giving you the edge in any hand-to-hand combat. Meanwhile, A124 and Alok’s skills offer survivability. This is the best combo for every situation in Free Fire.

comboky Nang free fire

Refer to the top rifles with the strongest attack in Free Fire here to choose and combine with the best characters.

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2. Best sniper character combo in Free Fire

* Laura + Rafael + Hayato + Chrono

These 4 skills from these characters are probably the best choice a sniper can choose, especially if you intend to use guns like SVD or Woodpecker. Rafael and Laura’s skills work well together – one increases accuracy while the other keeps you undetected on the map. Chrono is the latest addition in Free Fire OB25, possessing a bulletproof shield and increased movement speed, so you can snipe without fear of counterattack. Meanwhile, Hayato has increased armor penetration. However, choosing the right sniper rifle for the characters is also essential. You can refer to the top most powerful sniper rifle free fire here.

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how to set up keys in free fire

You can replace any skill with some other useful skills from Alok, Wukong, Paloma or Wolfrahh… they are all useful skills and will give you an advantage in close combat.

3. Best support character combo in Free Fire

This role is often seen in Duo or Squad modes, where a team member will support his teammates with support skills and pets.

* Alok + Kapella + K + Notora + Falcon or Rockie pet

This is the most perfect combo for Supporter because you can both support and fight. K and Alok’s skills have great synergy, due to their massive 100 HP recovery for the whole team within a 6 meter radius. This number can be even larger with Kapella and Bonfire’s healing skills. Notora’s skill allows you to heal people while driving – everyone will get 1 HP per second.

How to set up the free fire valve manual

Falcon is the best pet for the whole team. With it, your whole team will land faster on the map. This is very important for early game battles. Rockie will allow you to use your skills more often, resulting in more healing.

4. Other character skill combos to choose from

* Luqueta + Wolfrahh

These 2 skills will be stronger when you have a kill. It won’t help in the early game but once you’ve killed a few targets, your HP and damage will be boosted and late game skirmishes will become a lot easier.

Free fire free fire combo 2020

* Notora + Misha

You will be able to drive at full speed while healing all car members with Notora. Misha’s skill also reduces damage taken while driving. All in all, this is a great combo for team battles.

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* Joseph + Ford

With 2 skills from these 2 characters, you will be able to stay out of the safe zone without dying and continuously move with 20% increased speed.

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Above are the best character skill combinations in Free Fire. You try each combo and see which is the most suitable and gives you the most efficiency in combat.

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