Top 3 weapons most used in the game Campaign Legend

The legendary Campaign mobile shooter has an extremely rich and varied weapon system in both quantity and quality. However, there are only a few names that really stand out, the weapons are so powerful that all gamers of the Campaign of Legends must crave and wish to have one of them. .

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Although there are many, but basically, the arsenal in the game Legendary Campaign is divided into 4 categories:

  • Machine gun.
  • Rifle.
  • Sniper rifles.
  • Shotgun.

In terms of firepower, Shotgun is not inferior to “who”, but in terms of mobility and ability to suit many different fighting styles, this gun is not appreciated. That is why in the list of most popular weapons in the game Legendary Campaign will not have Shotgun.

The best weapon in the game of Campaigns of Legends

1. RPK machine gun:

Although only released not long ago, but RPK has quickly impressed and built trust with gamers. As a weapon that has many outstanding advantages and is often used in the case of attacking a large number of enemies, RPK will help players “sweep” the entire enemy with incredible speed and power.

This weapon is also quite suitable to play in mode Combination or Challenge (especially zombies or enemies appearing multiple times at the same time).

Legendary Campaign's best weapon

Advantages of machine gun RPK:

  • Capable of firing continuously in series (that’s why the machine gun is also known as a machine gun).
  • Highest rate of fire in gun system.
  • The most bullets.
  • Ability to deal damage and penetrate well.
  • Extremely suitable for close-range shooting, with a large number of enemies.

Disadvantages of the RPK machine gun:

  • The reload time is quite long, usually a few seconds.
  • High recoil.
  • The correct rate of fire when the target is far away is poor.

2. CheyTac M200 sniper rifle

Sniper rifle (sniper rifle) is always the choice of players who like the style of a “sniper”. Although not able to shoot continuously, each bullet that hits the target can lose a large amount of the enemy’s health or even “crush” and destroy immediately.

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Although it is the gun with the least amount of ammunition, sniper rifles are especially suitable for attacking or defending from a distance. The viewfinder also makes your shot more accurate to easily complete difficult demanding tasks. This weapon is also particularly suitable for a wide map, many hiding places, and enemies do not appear massively.

The most powerful weapon in the game

Advantages of the CheyTac M200 sight gun:

  • A remarkable improvement compared to his “brothers”, CheyTac can carry up to 8 rounds in the Ammo Box (instead of just 1 single bullet as usual).
  • Ensure absolute accuracy (viewfinder maximized).
  • Very strong damage and penetration.
  • Fast fire rate.
  • Short time to change ammunition.
  • Used mainly in the stages when the enemy appears single, attacking long range.

Disadvantages of CheyTac:

  • 8 bullets magazine (the most in the sniper rifle line) but the least compared to other guns.
  • Without maximizing the viewfinder, the eccentricity is also relatively large.
  • When using the point of view, the field of view will be narrowed (especially the side cannot be seen). It is quite inconvenient if being attacked “poked”.

3. M4A1 rifle

The most used gun in the Legendary Campaign

M4A1 in particular and rifles in general are weapons not only the individual writer but also the community game Game Legendary Favorite Campaign. Reason:

Advantages of M4A1:

  • Fast fire rate.
  • The amount of ammo is relatively large (more than the sniper rifle, but a little less than the machine gun).
  • The ability to deal damage and pierce is not inferior to any weapon.
  • Extremely high mobility (highest in the game) and suitable for all tactics of the player.
  • Shoot “smoothly”, not jerky like a machine gun, ensuring accuracy even when attacking long range.


  • If you try to find the downside of M4A1, it is probably just a “slightly” humble cartridge that sometimes makes players less interested in intense fighting.

And if you’ve also played CS 1.6 or Raid, you certainly noticed that this is not only a favorite gun in any shooting game. It is a dream and a “must-have weapon” if you want to become a skilled gunman in the Legendary Campaign.

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Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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