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20 of the most important milestones in the history of Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed is about to welcome its latest version, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, bringing gamers back to the ancient Egyptian era where the First Assassin was born. Against that background, perhaps we gamers should review 20 historical milestones… 20 plot details that determine the entire length of Assassin’s Creed so far are right here.

Civilizations preceded

In the beginning of its birth, the Earth was settled by a species called Isu, a race in the form of a human but possessing superior advantages. There they possess the ability to see the future and brilliant scientists, allowing a civilization far beyond anyone’s imagination. Isu is also far older than humans even though they are not immortal. The power of great intellect allowed them to create humans, a species that, according to them, carried certain but easily controlled abilities to become the workforce. However, in order to gain complete control, Isu created devices with ultimate power that later became known as Pieces of Eden.


Rebellion and war

When Isu created the human race, they designed our brains with a neurotransmitter that allows the Pieces of Eden to be easily manipulated and controlled. However, over time the fusion of blood between the two resulted in a hybrid race that was immune to the effects of Pieces of Eden. This sparks the rebellion of two hybrids named Adam and Eve, who then steal a Piece of Eden named Apple and start a war against Isu.
Although Isu possessed technology far beyond humans, the protracted war allowed humanity to overwhelm its creators in numbers. After a long decade of war, everything came to an end after the Earth was swept by a solar storm.. causing heavy casualties on both sides. This event became known as the Toba Catastrophe.


Last attempt

During the war, three scientists Isu, Minerva, Juno and Jupiter knew in advance that a solar storm would hit the Earth. They collaborated and devised six different ways to prevent this catastrophe, even though none of them were practical. Minerva eventually came up with a 7th solution called the Eye, a device that allows them to control and influence reality. With the power of this device, Isu is able to deploy a magnetic shield that allows resistance against solar storms.

However, during the experiment, Juno developed extreme hatred towards humanity, especially after her father Saturn was killed by a human servant.. even though he supported the development of the human race. species that are servants. There Juno plans to monopolize the world and banish the humans as soon as the shield is deployed. However, Jupiter and Minerva discovered the plot, thus deciding to imprison Juno’s consciousness.. But before being “sealed” Juno made some modifications to the Eye so that when it activates her mind will liberated. Discovering this, Minerva instead of activating the Eye and allowing Juno to take over the world, she destroyed the shield and left the Earth exposed to the solar storm.


Wishing for the next generation

Before the solar storm reached Earth, Minerva built a second Eye device to convey a message to the next generation of people, so that they could prepare for the next disaster. This message is kept in mysterious vaults all over the world. But few know Juno’s mind persists despite Minerva’s blocking. Even in captivity, Juno is still able to repair the first Eye device and send his own message to the next generation. With these messages Juno controls them in the dark, gradually carrying out his dark machinations.


Isu’s Extinction

When the solar storm came it turned the Earth’s poles upside down, wiping out most of the humans and Isu. Although both species eventually survived, their numbers began to plummet. Facing difficulties, the two also shook hands and gradually rebuilt civilization.

Some Isu people try to influence the development of humanity by passing on their knowledge. Their efforts morphed into beliefs and legends that spanned different civilizations. However, no matter what you do, the Isu species will be exhausted and go extinct. Humans instead prospered over the centuries, gradually forgetting the existence of the race that gave birth to them.


Assassin and Templar

After centuries passed, people began to find Piece of Eden artifacts that survived the Toba Catatrope. Their power leads to conflicts where people want to use them for different purposes. There are many people who want to bring humanity to the highest power and decide to create a totalitarian regime, an impossibly perfect world. Meanwhile there are also those who want to oppose its use, giving humanity absolute freedom and all life has its own will. Those two beliefs eventually led to the formation of two forces, two influential organizations throughout our history. They are Templar and Assassin, two names that still engage in underground wars until now.



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