Super perverted games that you should never let others see when playing

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Not all the games on this list are all crude and sloppy, some are really fun, but if you let your parents or anyone see you, you’ll be thought of as a pervert. misleading to see. So, if you have a game, play it somewhere closed ^^.

Senran Kagura


Senran Kagura is a series of games that revolves around a group of girls and their journey to complete training to become shinobi – the Warriors of the Dynasty. There are many different factions for players to choose from, each faction’s characters have different abilities and weapons. The plot is nothing special, but the diverse cast of female characters is what attracts gamers. Also, the alarming thing about this series of games is that the gameplay is extremely perverted: with each attack, the character will automatically strip away clothes (even to the point of being naked). Later, the game allowed players to dress up female warriors, but every time they did that, the characters began to emit extremely sensitive cries. How, perverted enough?!

Monster Monpiece


Monster Monpiece is a card tactical role-playing game, the player’s task is to explore the map, fight with other card warriors to protect the peace of the kingdom. Each card is represented by a female character, which can be a warrior, archer, mage, etc. The character design, um, is already pretty lackluster and sexy but similar to Senran Kagura, when Upgrade the character, the clothes will gradually disappear. Obviously, a naked card is much stronger than wearing clothes. Although the release in some other countries, the level of metamorphosis has been much more limited, but that is still more than enough to stimulate the imagination of gamers.

The Guy Game


The success (with many controversies, of course) of Grand Theft Auto III has motivated many developers to think about adding 18+ elements to PS2 games. One of the best examples is The Guy Game. This is basically a fun game combined with Girls Gone Wild. The game puts players in the context of a gameshow, where the host poses a series of questions to mysterious girls. You do not answer as you want, instead, the task will be to guess what the girl will answer. The more you play, the less the character’s clothes will be, even exposing the bare chest. Not surprisingly, The Guy Game is banned in many countries because the images are too revealing and sensitive.



Instead of simply copying ideas from PS1 and PS2 sports games, developer BMX XXX tries to turn it into something quirky with 18+ elements. In addition to being able to create custom characters including shirtless female characters, the game also offers the ability to unlock real-life stripper videos. Although the length of the videos is very short, the images are not clear, but that is more than enough to stimulate curiosity. Dave Mirra, a famous American bodybuilder, even played BMX XXX until he realized these obscene contents.

Hooters Road Trip


Before BMX XXX and The Guy Game, there was an even worse title: Hooters Road Trip. Not a driving game as one might think from its name, your task is to drive across the country and try to stop by Hooter’s chain of restaurants along the way. There are no nudity scenes but there will be cool dressed ladies to seduce you along the way. Instead of feeling the track and practicing driving skills, players are like getting lost in a strip club.

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