150 players participated, 48 skills and countless other attractive features only in Vo Lam Ky Hiep

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Undeniably, the role-playing game series has always won the hearts of fans right from the “early” launch because of its diverse, complete and satisfying combat features.

If there is supply, there will be demand, on June 15, 2021, NPH Gamota will launch a new game with bold MMORPG colors called Vo Lam Ky Hiep. Right from the leak of the first information, this new product has become the focus of many gamers’ anticipation, promising to become the “detonator” to burn this summer 2021!

Check out the attractive skills in Vo Lam Ky Hiep

48 total skills, 24 active, 24 passive, 4 directions of incalculable change in talent
Holding in himself the essence from the “elder” class released earlier, Vo Lam Ky Hiep promises to fully meet the characteristics of the MMORPG series, and also has many new and superior features. Therefore, gamers will not only stop at the pure meaning of “playing” anymore, but also improve their ability to think, calculate and transform in an unpredictable way.


With a diverse skill system up to… 48 skills, 24 active skills, 24 passive skills, 4 gifted directions for each class, giving players the freedom to create, customize and coordinate skills , PK competition, unleashing the world. No longer limited to fighting styles, role-playing “olds” have now found a playground to inherit the diverse skills of the traditional role-playing line.


Besides, Vo Lam Ky Hiep also owns an extremely large and diverse feature store, not only providing popular features such as strengthening, refining, fostering, breakthrough… but also many many attractive activities such as PvP, PvE, Boss hunting… bring many challenges as well as valuable rewards for gamers.


Another unique feature that players can only find at Vo Lam Ky Hiep is the ability to change and assemble optional martial arts for the characters. Therefore, each fight in Vo Lam Ky Hiep is a new situation, a unique strategy created by players that is not duplicated or mixed.


All sects in Vo Lam Ky Hiep are opened to the meridians

True to the nature of the role-playing game Swordsmen, Vo Lam Ky Hiep allows players to unlock the Meridian feature, from which gamers can breathe blood, develop character strength to new heights. Unlike all games on the market, in Vo Lam Ky Hiep, all characters in all sects can clear the meridians to use new sources of skills and talents.


Where gamers can transform into a great story Kim Dung authentic

Vo Lam Ky Hiep owns a beautiful 3D graphics background with meticulous character creation to every detail and movement. The context is designed in harmony with a variety of colors, combined with a series of vivid skill effects that make players feel like they are really living in the fantasy world of swordplay.


In particular, with the presence of nearly 150 players in Vo Lam Ky Hiep, this is an “expensive” opportunity for players to transform into their favorite character. With a truly adult character image, beautifully executed moves, and unmatched skills and movements, it will bring an extremely attractive experience to those who are crazy fans of Sword Hiep Kim Dung.


Thanks to the creative features from the familiar game style, Vo Lam Ky Hiep is a bright spot, worthy of the favorite game of Kim Dung sword enthusiasts not to be missed this June. A lot of detailed information about the character system, martial arts secrets and a series of interesting events are fully posted at: https://bit.ly/3yN72xT

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