Spider-Man’s extension won’t let gamers explore all of New York

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Receiving Fandom’s interview, Insomniac community manager James Stevenson said, all the next Marvel updates Spider-Man will also only happen in the city Manhattanplayers will not be able to fly back and forth to other areas of New York City.​


Although the game’s setting is set in the city of Manhattan, as the player walks around the area they can also see some other New York landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, which leads to bridges over neighboring areas with boats docked at the port of entry. Because of this, many players imagine that they will eventually have the opportunity to go to another borough of New York City, but Stevenson broke the player’s imagination, he said that those structures only used for decoration, showing a more authentic New York City.

“Spider-Man can’t go there anyway, because there’s no building to fly in and he doesn’t like swimming very much.” Stevenson said.​


Stevenson said the decision was made after a lot of thought, because they don’t want to go down the “GTA” route, such as telling players the bridge isn’t finished yet, like that. it would be very weird. More importantly, Spider-Man was not willing to give up his mission in Manhattan. So, for now, all published content will be located in Manhattan.​

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