Play dinosaur game “lost life”… in the middle of real life

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For every netizen, the image of the dinosaur game crossing the barrier on Chrome browser every time the network is disconnected is no longer strange… Although it is a simple game that kills time, it is a game. The most popular image on the Internet today thanks to its unique appearance. It is also because of that simplicity that you will be surprised to see this game realized in real life.


Simple but extremely creative, this “real life” game is made by a Brazilian organization called Carma Intervencoes Sociais. Setting up the game is very simple, you just need a transparent plastic sheet with the image of the dinosaur drawn on it and stick them on the street light poles. There, passersby just need to close one eye and move his head up and down and the dinosaur will automatically jump. It’s really a very simple idea but very creative and interesting, except that outsiders will find it a bit… funny.


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