PUBG VMC Season 1 North – Had to fight 7 Rounds but 20 Teams were still hot until the last second

GameHubVN PUBG VMC Season 1 Mien Bac Phai dau 7 Round nhung 20 Team van nhiet den giay cuoi cung20 - Emergenceingame

PUBG VMC Season 1 Presented by CubeTV just witnessed the 3rd day of competition with Group C.. a group that is considered as fierce as its predecessors. In fact, this is one of the most special Groups of VMC Season 1 So far when 20 Teams have to go through 7 fierce Rounds instead of the usual 6 Round standard.

Group C begins with the ascension of MiVN when this Team showed a very good performance by winning two consecutive Top 1s with a total of 16 Kills, completely overwhelming the rest. But until Round 3, Terrorist ignited a overthrow when suddenly emerged and directly threatened the position of MiVN. However, in terms of points, Bulls Ranger It was really the one who kept the top and forced MiTV to be in the 3rd position after Terrorist.


With the range and position available, Bulls Ranger entered the fourth round with clear dominance and immediately won the well-deserved Top 1. In fact, when looking at the rankings, viewers can see that the new Bulls Ranger is a force in Group C when it has 2290 points and a total of 45 Kills – double the team in 2nd place.

However, unfortunately, the network connection problem in Round 5 suddenly occurred, causing the competing teams to be affected and sacrificed outside the circle. Determined not to let external factors affect the outcome of the match, the organizers decided to meet the Leaders to come up with the best solution. After a short discussion, the organizers and 20 Teams of Group C decided to compete in Round 7 to ensure the highest fairness in the VMC Season 1 tournament.

Portraits of members of 2 Team Bulls Ranger and Saint of Leader.

And during this time, a new name continued to emerge with a performance that could not be higher. They are the Saint Of Leader. Despite the fierce competition for the 2nd ticket to the LAN Final, SOL did not falter and their stubborn determination made the opposing Team stumble.


In the end, Bulls Ranger and Saint of Leader became 2 Teams of Group C that won tickets to play LAN Final. Today, August 24th will witness the battle in the framework of Group D – the final group of VMC Season 1 in general and the Northern Qualifier in particular. Readers, please remember to watch at 12 noon today.

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