1 vs 4, FPS gamers turn the tide with unbelievable handling

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Besides the PUBG, Overwatch nice CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege holds its position as one of the most multiplayer online fighting games today. However, the style of the game FPS went in a completely different direction from his peers when focusing entirely on team tactics and teamwork to complete the mission. And one of the many “tasks” Rainbow Six Siege poses to the player is to destroy the bomb of the defending faction in a set time.


For those of you who don’t know, in addition to having to overcome the enemy team’s defenses to reach the bomb site, players also have to protect their device during its operation. This phase requires the whole Team to be highly focused and take turns shielding the approaches of the enemy. That’s why if you see the bomb disposal device is running and your Team… only you survive, then rest assured that 90% of the battle will be lost.


That is also the situation that gamers Martin Eberhard or nicknamed “Spark“, found himself in a recent Rainbow Six Siege match. After 4 members of his Team succeeded in placing bomb disposals, the enemy team suddenly counter-attacked strongly by killing 3 of Spark’s teammates. In less than 15 seconds, his team only managed to take down one member of the enemy Team, putting Spark in a 1-on-4 position while not being able to unseat the bomb disposal device.

Standing in the corner, Spark’s fate seems to have been decided when standing right next to the wall are 3 members of the enemy Team. One of them decided to move forward and didn’t seem to notice Spark standing right next to him. However, instead of hastily pulling the trigger, he calmly let the enemy retreat to his old position, making the enemy team think that Spark was not nearby… As soon as all 3 enemy Team members were in the same position, he rushed out of the corner and blew all 3 with a single magazine with 2 of them being Headshot.


By bringing the balance to 1v1, Spark continues to show his tactical mind. Knowing the bomb disposal device was about to complete its mission, he moved out of the room to lure the remaining enemy into destroying the device. By hearing footsteps and knowing he was doing what he planned, Spark ran back into the room and unleashed a full blast at the enemy. Official victory for his Team.

You can watch Spark’s godly processing right here:

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