Zombie + Parkour super product now also has PUBG mode

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If you are a fan of Zombie game You can’t forget the name Dying Light – a unique game that combines a zombie zombie theme with skilled Parkour mechanics. With the game, players can perform the phase of launching themselves on the roof, racing before the hungry silhouettes are rushing behind. That’s why the feeling of freedom can reach anywhere, but at the same time, it is also extremely stressful and scary when night falls.. is the impression that Dying Light leaves in the hearts of fans.


But now the unique game that we have known has transformed into a completely different being when letting gamers immerse themselves in the standard gameplay. PUBG. Name Dying Light: Bad Bloodthe expanded version of the super product Zombie will let gamers confront each other directly on the journey to become the last survivor while surrounded by hordes of undead zombies.


However, unlike the scale of up to 100 players at the same time, Dying Light: Bad Blood Focuses on teamfights between only 5 players. Bringing true PUBG gameplay, these 5 gamers will be dropped on the map without a weapon in hand. Only when they land on the ground can they equip themselves with guns and knives scattered across the map, allowing them to defend themselves against Zombies and other enemies.


But the unique point of Bad Blood is that gamers do not focus on killing each other. Instead, to be able to escape the death zone, you must have blood samples collected from special Zombie strains. These Zombie strains act as bosses in the level and soloing them is impossible. Therefore, gamers will have to become temporary allies of each other to join hands to defeat these bosses. Then, if you are cunning enough, you can immediately turn around to take precious blood samples. Even more unique is that gamers can unlock more seats on the rescue plane for other players if there are enough blood samples in hand.. Of course, it is completely up to you whether you have the intention or not.


porch Dying Light: Bad Blood There’s no official release date yet, but the beta could open for free in the near future. Readers can register for limited participation slots here:​

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